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08/21/2002 Archived Entry: "Conquest Mode!!!"

No posts for two days!? Something must be wrong! ^_^

Seriously now, there really wasn't much that happened these last few days. Yesterday I did go to see the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Now that's a funny movie. It was even better because I went with my 1/4-Greek friend, who told me just what was happening and why some things were just so funny. Although granted, you don't really have to know much about the Greek culture to just watch the movie and enjoy it. It's funny as heck I tell ya. Windex cures all that ailes ya! ^_^ HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Other than that, I've been playing more SCII. ^_^ Hehe.... Went to MGL on Monday and today. I have a fairly good grasp of Cassie now. She's so fun to play. 236B rulz! ^_^ It's, like, so freakin' fast! It doesn't have any horizontal range what-so-ever, but if you just use it as an interupt, it's almost godly I tell ya! Aside from that, ABK and ABB mixups are fun. As is K~B, which plain ownz grounded opponents. The machine at MGL finally has Cervantes and Conquest mode now! Conquest mode is so fun! It's a mode where you make a character and train it by fighting with it. The game will create an AI routine based upon your fighting style, so when you aren't there at the arcade, people can still, in a way, fight you. It's brilliant! I'm working on two characters: Tsubasa (Cassie) and Tsubame (Talim). I have quite a bit of fighting to do to improve their AI though. They suck like heck. =( Oh well... I have no life and a month to kill.... ^_^

I got a TI-89 calculator! Yay! Now I can tackle my smartsy-fartsy college math classes with comparative ease. ^_^ Really now, these things do way too much. I'm not complaining though, I have one. ^_^

I've been getting back into anime music. For a while there I was listening to a lot of J-Pop, then a lot of K-Pop, and now I'm onto anime. I like anime music so much. There's just something about it. I guess it's different enough from mainstream music to make it stand out somewhat. All you get in mainstream music is basically the same stuff. It's all pop or R&B about some lost love. Anime music is different. Sure, there's a lot about love, but there's also a relatively large percentage of songs that aren't about love. And there's so many different types of anime music. You don't get songs that all sound the same all day long. Yep. *listens to "Tremolo" by Nakama Yukie and from Haunted Junction*

I need to get together a costume! I want to make one by Halloween, so that I can wear it to my friend's Halloween party. Me thinks I'll dress up as Sumeragi Subaru this year. Subaru's just so slick! ^_^ Anyway, for the costume, I'll need a white trenchcoat, which coincidentally, I've been trying to get for a while. ^_^; Eh... does anyone near me know where I can get a relatively cheap trenchcoat? I've been told I can get one at an army surplus store, but I don't know where the nearest one is. ^_^; I need suggestions here folks!

You have a Kinokuniya too!? Yay! Isn't it great!? There's just so much manga there. ^_^ They also stock darn recent stuff, so that's a plus too. Hm... interesting books you have and/or want there.... "Backgammon" doesn't sound bad, but I haven't seen Spirited Away, so I'm not exactly out to get the "Groundwork of Spirited Away." Personally, I really want the "X Zero" book and the "Xenogears Perfect Works" books. The X book should be pretty straightforward. I can get that at Nikaku anytime. But the Xenogears book.... Now that's gonna be a hard one to get. It's rare now ya know. If I do find it, I'm gonna have to pay a wad of cash for it though. =(

Kitty Kat:
Eh... *blush* thanks for the compliments... and the linking.... ^_^

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waaaaaaah... *looks down* i missed so much. x_x anyway, real quick cuz i gotta finish unpacking (yes, it's taken me a day and a half to unpack. xD my aunt stuck all my cds into the bedcovers so they wouldn't break and it's taking me forever to find them. nyuhuhu...)

wah!!! you're gonna be subaru for halloween?!?!?! *___* waaaaaaai... that's so... kewL. X3 you gotta show me a pic... *hearts subaru*

Posted by riku @ 08/22/2002 10:01 PM PST

Yes, it is great. I have a 10% discount privilege card, so there's all the more reason for me to shop there. Sometimes I buy the original Japanese manga thinking I can translate it at home... usually its quite unsucessful though.. :p

I've never heard about Xenogears, but the artwork is beautiful.

Posted by Steph @ 08/22/2002 02:30 AM PST

WOOO i killed off the blue army XD i'm leader of yellow...
oh well romy killed us all i bet.. he had a lot of tokens left when i left... lol ja ne~!

Posted by Cinti @ 08/22/2002 12:10 AM PST

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