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08/26/2002 Archived Entry: "Singing to Disney Movies ^_^;"

*Feeling slightly groggy*

Yesterday I went out for a family dinner. Apparently some not quite so distant in relationship, but distant in distance relatives visited. If that kinda went by you there, my first and second cousins from China visited. My aunt felt that this was a really big event or something, so she invited the entire family to dinner at some Chinese/Vietnamese seafood restaurant. You know what the best thing about it was? Each table got to order what they wanted. ^_^ Well, the way it goes in my family is that the youngin's generally take a table for themselves. Now I don't know about you, but when it comes to youngin's in my family, we know how to order when there's no money restriction. ^_^ There was lobster, crab, frogs legs, prawns, fish.... All of it was great too. Well... the fish could have been better. Not only was it mediocre, it didn't taste fresh. =( Oh well... the rest was fabulous. ^_^ Mmm~....

Afterwards, I went over to my cousins' house. There, we watched the movie "The Sweetest Thing" because it was lying on the table and my other cousin insisted that it was a good movie. Well... it was alright, but I wouldn't have gone out of my way to see it. Afterwards, we were trying to think of something to do. Apparently several of them wanted to go karaokeing. Alright... it was kinda one something in the morning. ^_^; Then we eyed some Disney animated movies.... ^_^; Yah, we popped in movies and fastforwarded to the musical portions. ^_^; Now I suppose that was kinda entertaining. Although I didn't really sing because karaokeing isn't really my cup of tea. Besides, I didn't know the lyrics. ^_^;

Aside from that, went to Golfland again. Currently my characters have about 225 wins and 50 losses. Woo.

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I shouldn't comment, never tasted frog legs, before. =B...

Ho ho, go us people who can't sing! Seriously, fastforwarding to the disney parts..dats really funny! I need to watch Treasure Planet. It got pirates in it.!

Going to MGL almost daily! ^^; Sensei found himself a new hobby....

Posted by Hana @ 08/26/2002 10:55 PM PST

it's all about golf land!!!!
yes.. cousins and food are always a good thing =b i should know.. my cousins tell me interesting stories of each other.. =b lol they are all older so i kinda get to know what to expect

Posted by cinti @ 08/26/2002 09:50 PM PST

woo frog legs!! XD~~ tastes just like chicken^^'' * ahem* anywayz

Disney Movies are the bomb=P It's all about the Lion King.. woo Simba.

wow.. 225 wins and only 50 loses? O_O''.. man^^''

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/26/2002 07:23 PM PST

oee... Tsu-kun eats frog legs? Never tried them. ^^; I always thought it'd be a little weird to eat the frogs I'd hear croaking away near a pond. Someone told me they tasted like chicken o_O

But anyways, sounded like you pretty much enjoyed everything. XD You could always just lip-sing when it comes to karaokeing!

uwai... you go to golfland a lot!! ^_^

Posted by Saga @ 08/26/2002 05:38 PM PST

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