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08/28/2002 Archived Entry: "Everyone's in School =("

I was meaning to post last night, but the sister stole the computer and went online. =(

I haven't really been up to much outside of going to MGL again. ^_^ Hana, I need to correct you. It hasn't been "almost daily," it has been daily. ^_^ Anyway, been plunking more and more money into the SCII machine. ^_^; My record currently stands at about 330 wins and 70 loses per character. ^_^ That means that my records are good enough to finally rank my characters as third and fourth best characters on the machine. Their AI's not bad either. I see them beat up on people pretty often. My little ones make me proud. ^_^

I've been going out too much.... My internal clock's been thrown off! I don't know... I can't seem to have a realistic grasp of time anymore. I guess it's just because I'm not used to it. Bleh....

Everyone's gone off to school now! I still have slightly under a month until my school begins.... That leaves me with even less playmates. =( But I guess that's a little selfish of me.... Everyone who's off to school, good luck! I hope your years/semesters/quarters aren't too hard on you.

Heh heh... summer's nearing an end and from the way things are looking, tsuNU and nakoNU aren't going to be completed by its end. ^_^; Sorry folks, but all this MGLing has taken many precious working hours out of my day. I would work on it at night, but like I said, my internal clock's all thrown off, so I by then I just don't feel like it or something. Yah, I'll get it up eventually. I'm hoping that I can do it before my school starts.

Announcement folks:
I'll be off on vacation this weekend into next week. I'll be off to the LA area to go to Universal Studios and then Catalina Island for a while. I'll be going this Saturday and I'll be back I think it was Thursday. I really don't want to go, but the parents want to go on a family vacation. =( So yah... don't expect me to make any entries during that time. I'll try to, but I really doubt I'll be able to get to a computer. Darn... people are going to pass up my record in conquest.... Gwar....

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just have fun... what more can i say?
i really wouldn't worry about SCII that much...
it's all about the 7th.. remember that =b

Posted by cinti @ 08/28/2002 08:25 PM PST

ooh.. that's not too far from me... you should call me!! Or... something... ^^;; Have fun at Universal Studios and Catalina Island! Will you be going anywhere else? And thanks for the encouragement ^^

Posted by Saga @ 08/28/2002 08:15 PM PST

hope you have fun davey wavey chu=D

ooh your going to de anza.. yay, come visit=D * poke poke*

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/28/2002 04:17 PM PST

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