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08/30/2002 Archived Entry: "Before the Vacation..."

Yep, just writing an entry before I'm off on vacation tomorrow.

I'll be off to Universal Studios and Catalina Island. Down to So Cal I go. So yah... I'll be spending probably two days visiting my aunt and uncle and going to Universal Studios and the rest of the time will probably be spent on Catalina Island. I'll be back on Thursday. I'll try to post if I can, but I'm not sure if I can get to a computer. -_-

I haven't been to Catalina Island for a long time! How long has it been...? I don't know... four, five years? Yah... my parents have taken me there before. It's an alright place. It reminds me of Hawaii with all the commercialization. ^_^; At least it's not quite as bad as that. I suppose it's not such a horrible thing to visit them again....

But I don't want to go on vacation, darnit! I'm comfortable right here! I don't want to leave! Why does my dad have to drag the family on a vacation!? Bah! I just want to stay here and have fun with my friends and spend my days peacefully playing SCII. Is that so much to ask!? Meh....

We're driving down tomorrow. -_- Yah, that means a boring seven hour car ride. Joy. I need to think of things to do to keep myself occupied. I'm gonna burn some music CDs later, but that's not gonna sustain me for so many hours! I need something else to do! Nyeh... I'm off now to pack and think of things to bring with me so that I'm not bored out of my mind in the car. -_-

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awww... you don't wanna go now, but once you get there, I'm sure you'll have a heap of fun! XD

Posted by Steph @ 08/31/2002 06:31 AM PST

have fun

Posted by cinti @ 08/31/2002 02:58 AM PST

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