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09/05/2002 Archived Entry: "I'm Back!"

Hey folks! As the smart person in the back probably assumed, I'm back from my vacation. How was it? Lets recap!

Long car ride. Joy. Eh... at least my CDs kept me from dying of boredom. That is a good thing my friends. Arrived at my aunt and uncle's house in Carpinteria around 5:00-6:00 PM. There we stayed the night. Interesting thing I noticed: the names of two of the streets in their neighborhood. They live on Camellia street, which as a kid, I didn't realize was the name of a flower. Now that I'm older though, camellias are one of my favorite flowers. ^_^; Interesting, eh? Nearby there was another street by the name of Dahlia street. Now I find that really interesting and I'm sure others might too. ^_- Anyway, back to my visit to my aunt and uncle... they served us something really interesting for dinner. We got some vegetables, mashed potatos, and what appeared to be a normal slab of chicken. As I was carving through the meat though, I noticed that there was more than meets the eye. Inside I found ham. Just like the kind you put in sandwiches. Even further in, there was cheese. Cheese not unlike that found in stuffed crust pizza. Very interesting dish. It was pretty good too. Altough, how could you go wrong with chicken, ham, and cheese? ^_^ After dinner, the sis and I watched movies. My aunt and uncle own a video rental store, so they have movies lying around everywhere. First, was The Aristocats. Old Disney. Not bad I suppose. My sister kept calling it "cute," but I didn't think it was that cute.... Oh well. Second, was Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me. Great movie. I saw it in the theatres a long time ago and I wanted to see it again. Besides, the sister never saw it. Third and last, Gorgeous. It's a Jackie Chan movie. Yah, I never heard of it either, but we decided to give it a shot. The story was kinda lame, but it was a adequate light diversion. Jackie Chan's in it, how could it not be? ^_^ Then we called it a night. *snore*

Evil and disaster struck on day two. After a few weeks of kosherness with the mouth, the right side of my mouth decided to swell up again. =( Yah, it was pretty big too. The worse part though, was that the gum behind my back teeth swelled up enough to make its way above the back molar, so I couldn't close my mouth entirely. You know what that means? No real food for a while. =( Well... I sucked it up because we were off to Universal Studios. After a drive in the car, we got there and looked around. On the way, I got a smoothie cause it was just about the only thing I could "eat." Besides, it was a hot day, so a nice cold smoothie felt pretty good. ^_^ We went on the studio tour first. It took us around the park and through some gimicky settings. After the tour, the heat was getting to everyone, so we decided to leave and come back in a few hours. And that we did. At night, we came back and went through the Mummy haunted house thing, the Animal Planet Live show, the Back to the Future ride, and the "Spiderman Rocks!" show. Oh my freakin' gosh. "Spiderman Rocks!" is a Spiderman musical! The person who came up with the idea for it should be freakin' shot I tell you! Besides, the music selection for the show didn't exactly include some of my favorite tunes. =( Oh well... whatever. Back to the hotel. *snore*

Evil still abound. I still can't close my mouth all the way. =( The day itself wasn't too bad. It was a whole bunch of nothing. I'm serious here. My parents planned a whole day of nothing to do, so that the family could go around the Asian Garden Mall and adjacent areas. Yah, we went to Viet town. ^_^; I didn't really think it would be too great, as I've stated before, "asian shopping district" means three things to me: food, cell phones, and cheap merchandise. But to my surprise... oh wait... there wasn't a surprise. Yep, there was plenty of food, cell phones, and cheap merchandise to go around. -_-; At least I found some gems in all that crap. I was actually able to find a small selection of legitimate anime DVDs. The best part being that they were only $15 a piece! w00t! I prompty picked up Angel Links vol 2&3 cause I've been meaning to pick them up anyway. Besides, for $15, I just couldn't go wrong, could I? ^_^ Later, in a predominately video game store, I found something really, really interesting. I happened upon Verge, the I've girls second compilation album! I'VE!!! It kinda was an Everanime CD, but I just had to get it. I needed some I've to listen to on the trip! So yah, for a measely $23 I got a nice two CD set. ^_^ Good stuff that I've music. I'll pick up a legitimate copy someday... if I can find it. ^_^; After dinner that day, the family went over to Target to buy some stuff. My sister is a Mervyns employee, so we get discounts at Target. The Target corporation kinda owns the Mervyns chain of stores, so Target employees get discounts at Mervyns and vice-versa. Anyway, here I got my mom to buy me a new CD player. Yah, up to then I already kinda had one, but it was a pice of junk from way too many years ago. I dropped it one too many times, so I had to shake it to get the CD to start playing. ^_^; And when I did get the CD to play, I couldn't jostle the thing at all cause then the CD would stop playing. ^_^;; Yah, it was a piece of junk. Well... at least I got a new one. I'll post a picture tomorrow or something when I'm not so lazy. ^_^; Back to the hotel. *snore some more*

Goodness prevails: I CAN EAT AGAIN!!! Yah, the swelling went down enough so that I could close my mouth and eat real food. Joy. As for the day, we headed out to Catalina. We drove to San Pedro and took a ship to Catalina. When we got there, we had an amazing amount of stuff... we... didn't... want... to... do.... Yah... there are plenty of things to do on Catalina, but neither my sister or I wanted to do any of it. The parents didn't help either. They were all like, "do what you want." Well... it didn't help that we didn't want to do anything. -_- Well... the sis and I decided to go on a tour or two. We decided on the undersea tour during the day and the glassbottom boat at night. The undersea water tour being one where you get to see fish through glass... underwater.... The glass bottom boat is similar, but it's just a normal boat with a transparent bottom. So yah... saw fishies on the undersea tour, but the glassbottom boat tour was canceled because of "rough waters." Oh whatever. *snore*

In the late morning to slightly after noon, the family rented a golfcart to go look at the scenery around the island. Many of the traffic on the island consists of golfcarts because they apparently regulate the number of real cars on the island. OK.... Anyway, we went over the nice sightseeing routes outlined on a little map they gave us... two, three times. -_-; Yah, we went through each route pretty quickly, so we spent the remaining rental time going over them again... and again. -_- I got bored. At night, we went to go on the glassbottom boat tour. Our tour was canceled yesterday, so we resqueduled for the next day. Well... there was "rough waters" again, so the tour was canceled again. We got our money back. And... yah.... *snore*

Thursday (today):
We got up early, took a ship back to San Pedro, and drove all the way back to San Jose. (Yah, I'm pretty tired of writing by now. ^_^;)

What I learned, I got reminded of, or got reinterated on this trip:
-My dad is better than most people, but he isn't the best driver in the world. Yah, sure, he controls the car well and keeps us out of crashes, but this man who told me to take into account the comfort of the passengers apparently doesn't practice what he preaches. He makes sudden jerky turns and stops. Granted, it's much more comfortable than most peoples' driving, but it could be smoother.
-I hate tourist spots. Really now, I don't see how people can have fun going to a place where there's really not too much to do, it's entirely too commercial, and you're surrounded by tons upon tons of other people. I spent a lot of time just staring around Catalina and scoffing the my surroundings.
-I've music rulz! ^_^ After buying the CDs, I spent the rest of the trip listening to them. Well... I did pop in other CDs for a while, but that was because I wanted to listen to I've music on my other CDs. ^_^; Yah, I've rulz! ^_^
-I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of anything now, so there.

Did I enjoy this trip? Well... seriously speaking, not really. There really wasn't much exciting about this trip outside of getting the DVDs, CDs, and CD player. I seriously would have prefered to stay home and go to MGL every day. ^_^; Yah, I know I have no life, but I'm fine with it. I love the game I tell you. ^_^

Thanks everyone who sent me e-mails. I would love to reply right now, but I'm lazy and have Angel Links to watch, so I'll get to you tomorrow, ok?

Thus was my vacation. That's all for now, ciao!

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welcome back lil davey wavey chu=D

Posted by T-Chan @ 09/06/2002 11:39 PM PST

okaeri! *clings* comment more later. xD

Posted by riku @ 09/06/2002 04:54 PM PST

aww, sorry u didn't make the best outta your trip. =T Its good to see you back with no serious injuries or permenant damages whatever.^^;. Its hard to please us anime junkies nowadays. Seriously...

Posted by Hana @ 09/06/2002 04:39 PM PST

welcome back sir =b

Posted by cinti @ 09/06/2002 04:04 PM PST

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