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09/06/2002 Archived Entry: "Version 11"

Just Wingin' It version 11: "The Unsanctioned One"

I felt that it was about time to get a new layout up. Besides, its been over a month since the last layout change. ^_^; Yah, I know I've done better, but this isn't all that bad I suppose. Besides, if it really gets on my nerves, I'll just make another soon enough. ^_^ This layout features Cassandra Alexandra of SCII (too bad she's not in her 2nd outfit ;_;). She is one of my mains; right along with Talim. Anyway, there's nothing really that spectacular about this layout because I didn't devise any mind blowing techniques or anything, but I did try the whole "cut out portions of the picture and make things on the side" thing I've seen around on other logs. Just wanted to do it at least once. ^_^ One thing: yah, I know the sidebar's wider than the body. Design error. I didn't realize it when I was designing. ^_^; Although it probably annoys me more than any one of you folks, so I'm not worrying about it. All in all, it's another layout to add to my list. Besides, I just had to make a SCII layout sometime. ^_^ Though it looks too much like a newspaper if you ask me. ^_^;

Speaking of SCII, I'm looking forward to the big Nor Cal "bidness" tournament tomorrow. I'll be there. I hope to meet the good players around here. They always seem to go to SVGL, while I go to MGL because it's closer to my house. At least tomorrow I get to meet a bunch of people I've been chatting with on the GI.com forums for a while. I'm excited. ^_^

The sidebar annoyed the heck outta me. Darn my perfectionistic tendencies! *shakes fist* Anyway, I fixed it, so there. Dang... I haven't had a body this wide in the longest time....

Edit - part II:
Dang... that big empty space is getting to me now.... The body of the log used to go there, but now there's nothing and it's looking too plain for my eyes. Expect that to change sometime soon. ^_^;

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when you going?

Posted by cinti @ 09/06/2002 11:43 PM PST

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