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09/07/2002 Archived Entry: "The First "Monthly Bidness" Tournament"

Aaa~... I've had a good day. ^_^

Went to the big "Monthly Bidness" tourney today. Now that was great. I got to meet and play so many people. I especially liked playing against Srayer. Dang... I'm just glad I got two out of three rounds on him. ^_^;

Anyway, about the whole event, I didn't do too well. My suspicions have been confirmed. I may be pretty good when compared to most players, but when it boils down to all the better players, I'm right down there on the bottom. -_- Yah... I know it's sad. I guess it's because I haven't really played enough human opponents. I'm more or less restricted to playing against a CPU most of the time. Anyway, about what happened... my first match was against some guy named Cole. He is an Ivy player. I did pretty well, but he won both matches in the end. That tossed me into the losers bracket where I faced some guy named Lil B. I lost there too, but I put up a good fight and we pretty much traded rounds, but he also won in the end. That completely eliminated me from the tourney. From there I just watched. In the end, it was Srayer, Nuts, and Orochi. Good watch indeed. I learned a lot and I now have an even fiercer passion to get better. I'll be practicing this month unlike I ever have before. I'll try to find what I'm doing wrong and learn more about the other characters so that I'm ready for the next Bidness tourney next month. I tell you... I'll do better next time! *shakes fist with passion* Fear my Talim and Cassie! ^_^

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*squeal* Oh man, your new layout looks fantastic! *_*
I swear, you are one of the most talented people I know of. No matter how amazing the previous layout, you always manage to surpass it with something even more fantastic. ^^

Posted by Vilya @ 09/10/2002 12:38 PM PST

you still have that cd with shaolin soccer on it +_+!

Posted by ronnie @ 09/08/2002 08:23 PM PST

hey posting comment because it's been a whilethat's all get better at soul calibur 2 maybe i'll be able to take everyone on someday!! muaha ok i'm done

Posted by Nanona @ 09/08/2002 05:50 PM PST

FINALLY! Well yes, its been quite, like uh um a billion years since the last time I been here...Anyway, sorry you got stuck in a vacation, you didn't wanna go to..
Welps...oh..whoa this is the 11th version of your layout..(well duh...-_-) Actually, hope you enjoy the remainder of your vacation..(oh whoops, maybe i shouldn't have typed that)[Psst...I'm kinda worried about ne-ne chan, would you do me a favor and talk to her and cheer her up...she seems to be kinda down lately...except maybe she has to beat the crud of eric :)]Well keep up the bloggin..^_^

Posted by Tanoshii @ 09/08/2002 05:05 PM PST

next time i'll fight too!

Posted by cinti @ 09/08/2002 01:18 AM PST

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