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09/10/2002 Archived Entry: "Little Three-Day Recap"

Heh... I haven't really been posting much cause I usually post at night and my nights have been filled with lot o' Kenshin re-watching. ^_^; I'm watching the Kyoto arc and anyone who's seen the Kyoto arc should know why I've been so engrossed. ^_^

Anyway, Saturday was an interesting day. It was my grandmama's--on my daddy's side--birthday. I gots to see most of my family. That is a good thing. I especially liked seeing my older, about 25-28 year old cousins. I always have fun with them. My sister and I especially like calling one of them a loser. ^_^ It's fun really. If you can't make fun of your family and call them losers, then who can you do that to, eh? ^_^

My older female cousin who's about 30 or so I guess (I don't remember ages in my family cause it's way too big ^_^;) brought her boyfriend to the party. Heh heh heh... yah... my family likes to pressure the youngin's to bring their boyfriends/girlfriends to family gathers so they can see them and then talk about them behind their backs. ^_^;; Yah, it's really sad. I wouldn't like to subject my future girlfriend to that, but I know I'll be pressured anyway. -_- Anyway... the interesting thing about this guy was that he was white. Now that may not be too unusual to some people, but I have an Asian family. So we were a nice big gathering of Viet people with some Chinese people thrown in and then there was Bob (Yes, his name is Bob *snicker*). Yah... he stuck out like a sore thumb. My family's cool about it though. I like how they respect the younger generation's taste in significant others. I'm sure he was uncomfortable though. Don't blame the guy either. Asian family gatherings are big, and I would assume intimidating affairs.

Sunday was a boring day. The family did go with the grandparents (this time on the mommy's side) to eat out though. It was nice. I got good fooding done. Mmm~...

Today I headed out to my former high school to visit the youngin's who didn't graduate yet. Spent lunch with them. They seemed rather happy to see me. I'm their wonderful sempai. Why wouldn't they like to see me. ^_^ Hahaha...

Afterwards I headed over to MGL. Aaa~... haven't been there in over a week. I came and found out that my characters racked up a lot of losses. =( Yah... it's sad... so very sad.... At least I got some wins to better their records. Tsubasa and Tsubame have about 475 wins now, which isn't bad at all, but they have about 145 loses (estimated average). =( I guess I'll have to be plunking even more money into that machine to get them up to speed again. Now what a horrible task. ^_^

That's it. Ciao!

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Posted by cinti @ 09/12/2002 05:51 PM PST

myuu... i haven't been a very good imouto-chan have i. .__. *clings* life has been hellish... school has been busy... people i didn't want knowing about my blog found it... and everything just seems to be going wrong. so um... gomenne if i disappear every once in a while. xD (altho it seems like i've fallen off the face of the earth with the amount i've been blogging.) guess we're all busy, ne? ^^;;

anyway, i can TOTALLY see the scene at your family gathering. that was like one of my family's... my oldest girl cousin got a swedish boyfriend and i mean, it just seemed kinda odd with all this black hair and then this blonde guy. ^^ but... he's VERY kewl. got the whole swede accent and all. *cute* so s'all good... by the end of the "party reunion thing" he was all asian. ^_~

ne... and looks like onii-chan's got his very own fanclub, ne? :3 hahaha! and um... what's mgl? .-.

Posted by riku @ 09/11/2002 01:39 PM PST

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