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09/12/2002 Archived Entry: "9/11 on 9/12"

I guess I missed posting on 9/11. Oh whatever... I'll just do so now.

My little speel on the whole 9/11 deal:
I guess it's a good thing to remember what happened a year before. Yeah... bad terrorism and tons of innocent lives lost *shakes fist*, but I don't think that this should be blown out of proportion. There are those who would remember back to a year before and be all depressed and/or gloomy. Personally, I don't see why. I guess I can see where they're coming from, but I believe that we should all move on. We can remember them and maybe have a short moment of silence, but aside from that, I really don't believe that we should do anything else. These people are dead, and although their deaths were quite tragic and unnecessary, we must all move on and not brood on the past. I like to live in the present and because of that, the whole 9/11 incident is history to me, just like WWII. There were many more innocents who lost their lives during that event. Do we have a day set aside specifically to remember the people who died in WWII? Nope. Oh whatever... I guess I'm just really perturbed about this whole patriotic fad.

As for my 9/11 day, I obviously didn't mope around the house. Nope. Rather, I went out to eat and play some with my friends.

For dinner, we went to this little place around here called "Saiko Sushi." It's a new place that just opened up, so we'd thought we'd try it. Hey, you can't really tell if a place is good unless you try it, right? ^_^ So yah... we went and ate there. I got some udon and some unagi sushi. Mmm~... not a bad place indeed. I enjoyed myself. And at a restaurant, my enjoyment is directly proportional to how good the food is. ^_^ It's a really friendly, cozy place too. Me like.

Afterwards, we went to MGL (Milpitas Golfland for those who haven't picked that up) for a while. I got to play some versus after a long time. I've been out of practice for about a week because of my vacation. I don't know why, but I lost a lot from being out a week. Maybe the game is too new so I still need daily or at least semi-daily practice to maintain my game. Oh whatever. I did win a few matches though, so I'm satisfied. I'll be playing more soon enough.... ^_^

I got new hardware for the computer! I got a new scanner and printer. Since the sister's moving away to college on Saturday, she's taking the older computer and the scanner and printer with her. Because of this, the parents decided to buy a new scanner and printer to use at home. I got the CanoScan LiDE 30 scanner and the Epson Stylus Photo 820. Now they may not be top-of-the line-quality pieces of hardware, but they are mighty decent for home use. I really want an Epson Perfection scanner though. ^_^ Oh well... I'll work with what I got. I'm satisfied.

Yep... Now it's 2:15 in the morning and I should be off to bed.

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ooh... new scanner. =D My scanner's also Canon, it's a N1220U Scanner (practically the same as their current one, the N1240U). I like Canon scanners because I think their quality comes out good (...I like it a lot better than Microtek at least), but never had an Epson one. The only Epson thing I had was this printer from like early 90s that screeched whenever it printed. ^^;; I can still hear the sounds sometimes, it's so freaky. But.. enough of my off-topic... connections.

*hug* Sorry I didn't comment for a while, and I still can't thank you enough! ^^; Ack, sudden ending there. I'll be back later!

Posted by Saga @ 09/12/2002 06:00 PM PST

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