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09/13/2002 Archived Entry: "My Day"

Went out and did stuff today. Mostly shopping stuffs. First, I went to Fry's Electronics cause my sister's leaving for college and she's taking a computer with her, but she needed a parallel cable for her printer and a trackball for getting around on the desktop. She was busy preparing other stuff, so I went. Besides, it's Fry's. I love that store. ^_^ So yah... I went out and bought her her stuff. Afterwards, I was seriously considering getting the first Hellsing DVD with box, but I decided not to. I think it was $35, not to mention tax, which is a whole lot of games of SCII, so I decided to pass. ^_^

Next I hit Kinokuniya. Yep, I special ordered Angel/Dust from them and they sent me my nice "we've received your item" card, so I had to go and pick it up. That I did. Seriously, I only bought the book because it's drawn by Aoi Nanase, who's my favorite illustrator, but there's a story in it, so that's a nice plus. ^_^ I can't stay that it was the best story in the world, but hey, what do you really expect in a 9-chapter one-shot? I still recommend it though, if only for the Aoi Nanase art. ^_^ Consider picking it up. If anyone does, just contact me for chapter translations. To help anyone in their search, the catalog number is: ISBN4-04-853362-2.

While on my way out, I noticed that there's a nice Japanese electronics store adjacent to Mitsuwa (the grocery store that Kinokuniya's attached to). I looked in and saw some computer software and games. I was all like, "score! I hope they have some nice bishoujo games!" I stepped in and made it to their computer software section. To my disappointment, I didn't see any. I was hoping for something like Kanon, Air, or Pia Carrot 1-3, but no... they didn't have any bishoujo games. Bah....

Then I went over to the Great Mall. I needed my fix of Real Bout Highschool. ^_^ The third book was released a little while ago and I just had to have it. So I went to Media Play and bought the only book they had left. Unfortunately, the pages were slightly bent, but it wasn't bad. Nothing that a little bending won't fix. ^_^

Then I went over to my old high school to play with the youngin's as they were making posters for the anime club, which will be starting on Tuesday. I hung out there for a few hours and yah....

Eh... I'm not in the mood to talk about much else. At least you know what I did throught the day, eh?

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