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09/14/2002 Archived Entry: "Helping the Sister Move"

Busy day today...

Early in the morning, I had to wake up and help load stuff up on my sister's car and my uncle's borrowed truck. Yep... today I helped the sister move to Davis because she's attending UC Davis this fall. So yah... I was used for my muscle and mad furniture-assembling ability. -_- Yes, I have mad furniture=assembling skillz. XD I better. I spent three summers of my life working in the family furniture store.

On the way there, as I gave my sister a really good going away present. As we were passing the Benicia bridge, I paid the $2 toll. XD Yah... I know I'm such a caring brother. ^_^

When we got there, we brought everything up and put things in their appropriate places. We brought assemblable furniture with us, so when we finished bringing everything up, we had to assemble a computer desk and dresser. Wasn't such a big deal though. I did it pretty quickly. Experience does pay off folks. ^_^ I did a good job too if I do say so myself. ^_^

Yah... so the sister has moved out. Now I'm all by myself in the house... well... aside from the parents. I know this is a big change in my life, but I guess it hasn't really sunk in. Kinda like it still hasn't really sunk in that I'm a high school graduate. Well... I've accepted that I don't go to high school anymore... it's just that... I don't know... I don't feel any really big loss like most people. I'm still around here and everything I had is still around, so I'm really feeling no loss. Anyway... I digress... yah... I'm sure being the only "child" in the house is going to be very different. I just don't know how yet.

Anyway, after getting back, I headed over to my friend Cinti's for his 18th birthday. Fun fun. I came over and ate some pizza and watched the others play a game called Cookie and Cream for the PS2. Looks like a fun game. Lots o' teamwork involved. Anyway, then we decided to head out for a while.

First, we went to Baskin Robins to get some ice cream. We went there and bought Cinti a nice birthday ice cream cake. Then we sat him down, surrounded him, and embarassed him by singing him happy birthday really loud and rather flat. XD Yah... it was fun.

While we were eating the ice cream cake, we saw the best thing ever! We looked outside and we saw someone drive up on the sidewalk! We were all like, "what the heck!?" Then we saw the lady in the car stick her hand out of the window. She had something in her hand and she dropped it into the nearby trash receptical. So that was it! I tell you, that's great. I gotta do that someday. XD

Then we headed out to MGL to play a bit. As usual, I headed to the SCII machine and spent my entire time there. It was great. I played verses against various peoples. I was rusty at first and lost a few matches, but later, I started getting back into the game and I won some rounds. Had I not been playing one of the best players at MGL, I might have actually won a match or two. ^_^; Anyway, I'm happy. I learned that my Cassie is a heck of a lot better than I thought it was. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, fun times.

Eventually we returned to Cinti's house. Actually... that's where I am right now. I'm writing this entry on his computer. ^_^; Anyway, I'll be off now. I gotta spend more time with the others. We still have a little more time to play.

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OH! so this is wut u were doing while i was playing go.. i have a go board :D to bad i'm not any good at it ^^;;;
u must come over and i'll give u game... maybe you'll get good at it and kick kens butt.. ken needs to lose to one of us... oh well i can dream :D
glad u had fun.. i did too..
and that sidewalk trash can thing.. was clasic!

Posted by cinti @ 09/16/2002 10:40 PM PST

^^ heehee, Tsu-kun won't be too lonely. My bro has been back from UCSD for the few weeks before school starts, so he's like wreaking havoc upon the house @_@;; My whole sense of order went kaploom after he came back. I'm quite eager to have him go back, and I'm lucky he does in a week ^^;; I know that sounds mean but I've gotten used to life around without my bro hanging and teasing me constantly. XD Not to mention my bro takes forever to build any furniture!! I remember when my dad bought me this desk and drawers set for my room. My bro could only build the table, but he couldn't assemble the drawers. *falls over* I had to do it myself. Heehee, I've always wondered what your parents did. ^^ Now I know! In case you were curious, my parents are asian food importers. ^^

Posted by Saga @ 09/15/2002 08:01 PM PST

Woo, nice site. The previous layout was interestingly complex, but this one has legible text. =) Keep up the sparklyness!

Posted by ker @ 09/15/2002 05:15 PM PST

hey, did you get in trouble for last night? i dunno im just wondering because you were out with us til like 1 i think

Posted by Nanona @ 09/15/2002 04:04 PM PST

Hey dude, it's not the Vanecia Bridge, it's the Benicia Bridge, you know, like the city. Hehehe... I'm coming home Tuesday, so you don't hafta be so lonely quite yet. ;D I'm bored up here, though, so I may stay at home a lil longer than previously planned...

Posted by Sabella-chan @ 09/15/2002 01:00 PM PST

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