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09/15/2002 Archived Entry: "I've Erased Four Years of My Life"

I stayed at home all day today. Amazingly enough though, I have some things to talk about....

Recently, my parents got me a nice extra long twin bed. Up til now, I've been sleeping in twin-sized beds for my entire life, but considering how I've been growing these last few years, this change was well in order. So because of this new change in beds, I had to clean out under my old bed. My new bed's not going to be raised up as high as my old bed, so there's not going to be quite as much space underneath there. Just the standard space under a bed frame.

As part of cleaning out everything, I had to go through about four years worth of school work. Yes, I've been keeping just about all my high school work. I know many people just throw out their work at the end of the school year, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I spent so much time on it. Maybe it's because I might refer back to it someday. Maybe its nostalgia. I honestly don't know. Whatever the reason was, I kept my work. However, when I was going through all my work today, I decided to finally throw most of it away. Again, I'm at a loss to describe just why I did it, I just did it. In a way, I guess this means that I'm throwing away a lot of my past. I'm alright with it though. Some of the memories associated with the work doesn't exactly make me giddy. It's not so much the memories of the work itself, it's more like the memories of the things that happened while I had that work to do. It's kinda hard to explain. Anyway, I tossed out nearly all of it. Thus ends a chapter of my life I suppose.

Outside of that, I've been pretty much lounging around the house. I spent quite a few hours rewatching Kanon (don't worry you know who, I'm working on you know what ^_^). Man, I love that series. It's just so emotional. The thing is though, when I finished watching it, I really didn't feel like doing anything. I suppose it was because of all the emotions that ran through me throughout the course of watching the series, but it kinda left me all nyeh. I'm kinda like that right now. Bleh.

This time through the series, I came to appreciate Nayuki a lot more. She is actually a lot cuter than I thought she was before. ^_^; Yah... I guess I just had to go through one more time to pick up on it. She doesn't beat out Shiori though. And no one beats out Makoto. ^_^

Today my dad invited my grandma and uncle+aunt to dinner, as he likes to do just about--literally--every couple of weeks. During this dinner, he just had to get on my case about getting more exercise again. -_- I don't mind it so much when it's just between the two of us, but this was in front of my grandma and uncle+aunt. He mentioned this one time when my other aunt asked me what sport I liked to play. I responded "I don't know" because well... I really don't. To be honest, I really don't like any sport at all. At least not traditional baseball/basketball/tennis-type sports. You know why? Because when I was younger and had to take PE classes, I was forced to play these sports year after year after year. That wouldn't be too bad, had I not sucked royally at every single sport we did. Although I wasn't always unathletic, I was just never good. I was one of those "picked last" type of people. Yah... I guess they were mildly traumatic. Because of that, I don't like to play any of those sports if I can ever help it. Well... back to the story... my dad just had to give me a hard time about my response. Not only did he tease me about not mentioning any sport in particular, he just had to mock my answer: "I don't know." You see, like many people, I don't know everything. That's why I use the phrase "I don't know." Reasonable, eh? Well, it's not too reasonable for my dad. He likes me to give him a straight answer, not "I don't know." Well... how the heck am I supposed to give him a straight answer if I honestly don't know? Bah! Nyeh... he knows how to hit low....

Wow... the return of social! ^_^

Well... I can see where you're coming from, but my sister and I are different. We actually get along. You may be happy to get him out of your hair, but with the departure of my sister, that means that there'll be one less person in the house who can actually kinda understand me, thus leaving none. Oh well though... I'll live....

Heh... I see you're mighty talented in the area of furniture assembly yourself imouto. ^_^ Well... about the whole furniture store thing... you got it kinda wrong. My parents don't work in the store. They are part owners, but my uncle actually runs the store and hires various family members and employees to work there. My dad doesn't work in that line of business. Rather, he is some kind of engineer (I can't remember the proper job title if my life depended on it ^_^;). He works on ion implantation and making computer chips and such. My mom is a homemaker.

Aaa~! I miss my other imouto! We haven't really conversed much recently, have we? I'll e-mail you soon, ok? ^_^

So you're having problems with people you don't want reading your log? That... doesn't... sound... good.... Well... well... remember my offer from a while ago? It's still good. ^_^

Interesting new site you have there. ^_^ I gotta participate sometime. XD

Haha! I like that first interesting factoid. I can just see you: a little tiny grade school girl going around and beating up all the little boys. That's priceless. ^_^

Your immune system's getting weak? Why don't you try taking lots o' vitamin C? It hasn't been proven that taking large amounts of vitamin C causes any adverse effects. ^_^ Seriously though, yah... I know what you're going through with the whole cynicism thing. I've been getting increasingly more cynical myself these last few years. I guess this is called maturity. ^_^

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*glomps* ^^

Sou desu ne.. =) Well, I know you'll live. It is different when you get along really well. I guess if I didn't have Meia I'd feel pretty weird, even though she loves to tease me a lot she understands. =) I hope you'll still keep up that mutualistic bond between you and your sister. For my bro... as much as he's always away, you should see us when we call each other up now and then. Typical example:

me: Nyaaaa~!
bro: ...what annie?
me: doh, you know.
bro: course. =) It's either you or meia. and meia has a different voice. oh you know how [fill in the blank]?? now it's [fill in the blank]!

not too sure about what that really shows, but I'm trying to show that we know each other like the back of our hand. *almost* even if we don't get along always. I just like it more when he's gone so the house is more peaceful.

Ever try imagining life with a total of 3 siblings around the house? it gets crazy sometimes lol.

Sounds like your dad does some cool stuff! ^^;; I'm not too talented in the field of furniture assembly. I just read the instructions! Hm... I like going to IKEA for the stuffed animals... ^^; that, was random.

Lastly, if I have too much vitamin C I start to develop a sore throat and kinda lose my appetite. o_o *sigh* I think I'm just like emotionally going whacked. Guess that's what comes with a new school... or maybe when you hit 15...

Posted by Saga @ 09/17/2002 09:31 PM PST

don't worry if u look hard enough you'll c thigns from gradeschool in my room...

Posted by cinti @ 09/16/2002 10:37 PM PST

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