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09/20/2002 Archived Entry: "I Want a Real Anime Club"

I really didn't have much to do today, so I went to the "Friday-after-school-anime-club-thing" they always have at my old high school. This was the first one, so I just had to pop by. I got to play a few games for a while before accepting a challenge at SCII and going to MGL for a while. When I got back, they kinda finished playing and were cleaning up. ^_^; I was there for a while though and I did provide my Dreamcast, so there.

My friend reminded me about something I was thinking about a long time ago. We were just chatting a bit when he mentioned that he wished that the anime club--at my old high school--was more like... well... a "traditional" anime club. You know... the kind that has showings for hours, fan discussions, and the like. One where everyone's a devoted anime fan. I could really relate to him. This is not the first time such a thought passed through my head. I've longed for a club like that, not one filled with a bunch of Cartoon Network "anime fans." People whose first anime was Pokemon or Gundam Wing. I know people have to start somewhere when it comes to fandom, but it's ridiculous how much of the total club population actually falls into this catagory. I'd say that it may be well over 80%. Yah... I don't think that's an overstatement either. When I join an anime club, I want to be surrounded by people who are just as devoted as I am. People who have been fans for more than a year or two. I want to spend hours watching anime with them and having fan discussions with them. I'd just like, for once, to spend time with a fellow club member who is able to hold a conversation with me when I go off on obscure series/reference tangents. Is that too much to ask? I guess it is when it comes to the anime fan population at my old school.

I picked up the second volume of Hellsing today. This volume consists of another three episodes, ending in episode 6. Now it's starting to get good. ^_^ Yah... I could tell from the first few episodes that it would be getting better. It's not like it's gotten to some really great stuff yet, but episode 6 was a heck of a lot better than any other episode that came before it. Alucard is just as cool as I thought he would be, but here's something I didn't expect: Walter rulz! ^_^ He just does. So yah... I'll be picking up the next volume when it's released. I need to fill my box now don't I? ^_^

You know what's cool about volume 2 of Hellsing? It comes with a limited edition extra too! From my tone, you can probably tell that it's better than the extra that comes with the box. This extra's actually worthwhile: a Hellsing emblem badge! It's an iron-on patch of the emblem found on standard Hellsing uniforms. Score!

I stumbed upon the best page in the universe, or at least that's what it's entitled. I tell you, this man's writing is some of the funniest stuff I've ever read. Lots of insiteful ranting and social satire. Good stuff. Read it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

Now why'd you have to go and say that this layout's all "bright and cheery," Shana.... Well... I suppose you can look at it that way.... Bah... I just don't like making jovial layouts. Call it personal preference, but when I make layouts, I like making them moody or pretty, not happy. Bah....

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2 bad i missed you at MGL =b i forgot what i was doing ^^;; oh well i eventually went but u were long gone ^^;;;
oh well there's always next time

Posted by cinti @ 09/22/2002 10:26 AM PST

Awww ::pat pat:: c'mon, don't be that way about it...Well...it just makes me think of happy things. ::nervous laugh:: To me, yellow and orange are fun colors. But, putting all that aside, the layout's really pretty too. ^_^;

Posted by Shana-chan @ 09/21/2002 01:15 PM PST

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