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09/21/2002 Archived Entry: "Moon Festival"

I just had the coolest time! ^_^

At about 8:00 PM, my friend Nanona called me. It's the "moon festival" today, which is a mid-autum festival thingy that we asian folk like celebrating. It involves celebrating the full moon and probably some more important celestial happenings. We do stuff like play with lanterns shaped like animals and eat "moon cakes," which are made especially for the occasion. So... as I was saying... he called me and invited me over to go stare at the moon and stars on his roof. Yes, he invited me over to play on the roof. ^_^ My other friends were going to come too, so we'd all have a nice good time together.

When I got there, we climbed on the roof. There were those who took the wimpy route and took a ladder. Bah! I took the best route up there: climbing up the side with only a shaky fence-thingy for support. XD Yah... I know that's kinda dangerous and such, but hey, you need to live some, don't you? ^_^

On the roof, we had fun doing a bunch of stuff. First, we brought a bag of fortune cookies with us, so we were just sitting around and eating them, reading the fortunes, and adding the words "in bed" afterwards. ^_^ Yah... it's kinda immature, but hey, it was funny. ^_^

When my other friend, Antonio, arrived, he had a scarf on. We asked him what was up with it and why he was wearing it, but he didn't give us an answer, so we teased him about having a hicky. ^_^ Yah... I'm pretty darn sure he didn't have one, but it was fun as heck to tease him about it. ^_^

Eventually we got to star gazing. San Jose has yellow lights (because of the local observatory), so we can actually see the stars. It was great. My friends are great when it comes to making up stupid constalations out of stars. ^_^ I saw an obtuse angle! XD Aaa~... that was great. We took the opportunity to tease Antonio further. We were all like: "there's Anthony!" Is that a hickey I see!?" XD Yah... good times.

Boy, that was great. Gotta do that again sometime. ^_^

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hehe aww poor wittle Anthony=P * pats him*

glad you had fun^_^ and Happy Moon day thingy to you too=D * feeds you a Moon Cake* mmm moon cakes XD~

Posted by T-Chan @ 09/23/2002 06:36 PM PST

twas fun on the roof... :D
just shooting things w/ the bb and umm other random stuff including my new shirt and anthony hikki i mean scarf... =b
we should do the moon festival thing again next year.. but i'll bring illigel firework junk and moon cake :D we'll make our own thing up =b
go there.. UK people are funny.. WE HAVE TO DO THIS SOME DAY!

Posted by cinti @ 09/22/2002 10:30 AM PST

heehee, I love stargazing. xD The night sky is really nice isn't it? ^^; I just wish I had my own telescope to look at the stars with. Last night was very nice too, I don't know if they showed it on the news up in San Jose, but we had this aurora-like thing going. (...if it was an aurora... it wouldn't make sense, since they're supposed to be only visible in polar areas as So Cali is definitely not polar). heehee, Tsu-kun is very daring xD I have a fear of heights so I probably won't even get past the 3rd step if I use the ladder *sweatdrops*. =D it's nice to spend time with friends! I only wish I could do it more. *sigh* Thanks for the encouragement too. I will try my hardest! ^^

I can tell Tsu-kun likes to tease me about Jason. hehe, I've been getting that a lot lately. o_x; And it's like people who read my blog seem like they want to know more about the whole ...situation. *cough* even though there's not much about it. I mean... I just...erm, admire... the guy a lot? And since I usually don't ask for help on homework, particularly science-related... (I'm really starting to hate chem ><) I get really shy about confronting and asking him. I need more like people socialising skills here. Now... why did I tell you that? (...well, it's not that I want to get teased more, though I think that's a side effect)I wanted to ask you something, since you're guy -- if there is a girl who is really quiet around you and when she talks to you is kinda blunt and never directly looks you in the face, fidgets a bit, slightly blushes and has a soft voice, what would you think about her? *sweatdrops* I have this bad feeling I'm going to get confused like Sawa soon. x_X;; Gah I hope he doesn't get wrong impressions.

now changing topics: Has Tsu-kun seen the Kanon dream days artbook? I would've bought it today, but I thought I'd just go buy it in Japan. I guess I was never bent on spending over $25 for an artbook. >_>;;

Posted by Saga @ 09/22/2002 12:04 AM PST

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