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09/23/2002 Archived Entry: "First Day of College"

Yep, today was my first day of college. -_-

My first class is at 11:30 AM, but I hear that the parking during the Fall quarter's really hellish, so I decided to leave at 9:00, which means that I got there around 9:20 or so. Oh golly... I didn't expect how bad it would be. I went to the driving garage and all the way to the top floor, you know, the one that's in the open air, under all the sun. Yah, the floor no one wants to park on... yah... that floor... it as full. And there were more or less 10 cars circling through the area at any given time. I just drove around for a long time, waiting for someone to leave. I went around for about an hour before actually landing a spot. -_- And then, I had to squeeze my way into a spot someone else was waiting for. Now don't think I'm a bad guy or anything. That's the only way I could get a spot in time for class and besides, I'd been circling for an hour. I seriously doubt that lady was waiting that long. Besides, I gotta exercise some some agressive driving every once in a while, don't I? That's the only way I'll survive out there sometimes.

Upon parking, I made way to the book store to buy my books. I took a look around, and picked up my books. I tried to get used books cause they're cheaper. ^_^ My Philosophy 3 class only has one book, but my ICS 5 class requires a total of 4 books! I'm just glad that I'm not paying for these things. My parents are taking the tab. ^_^

Then it was about time for my first class, so thus I was off to my ICS 5 class at 11:30. Basic first day type of class. We got "green sheets" (they were white ^_^;) and we went over stuff about the class and what books we needed. Things like that. My teacher seems nice. She's a younger teacher. I'd say that she's in her thirties. It's always good to have a teacher who's comparatively young. They always seem more lively and interesting. I'm looking forward to learning art history from her. ^_^

After that class, ten minutes later, I had my next class at 12:30. That's my Calc class. This class didn't give me quite the same impression. We went over first day stuff and went through some pre-calc review. But my teacher seems really... well... nyeh.... She's an older woman and she's kinda well... not quite so interesting. I have a feeling that I'm not going to like her instruction very much. -_- Now why in my math class? That's the worst subject to get a teacher like that. Although... is it just me or are most of those types of teachers teaching math. -_- Anyway, wish me luck with the class because I'm probably going to struggle through it. Probably not so much with the work, but with the enduring class. -_- Gwar....

Afterwards, I went and harassed my friend Sano, who's also going to De Anza. We chatted. We seem to get out at similar times on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we decided to do something tomorrow. We also went to Tapioca Express to get some chicken and pearl tea and finally we made a stop to MGL.

Upon getting home, I've been looking over my math stuff and I'm done for the day. It's all review stuff anyway, so it's not really stuff I need to spend much time on. Woo.

Finally, some social:
You ask me an interesting question.... So... you seriously act like that around him? I'm kinda sorry to tell you this, but I think he might possibly be misled by such behavior. ^_^; I can't say that any girl has ever acted like that around me, but if one did, I would probably think that she liked me or something. So yah... eh... ^_^;;;;

"Kanon Dream Days...?" What's that? ^_^;

Heh heh... sure, I'll help you with your homework sometime if you ever want it. ^_^ I'm always willing to help. It makes me feel good to know that my help would be appreciated. ^_^

Thanks for the support on my colleging. It's really appreciated. ^_^


I'm just a little late for this, but: congrats on the license!!! ^_^ Welcome to the world of the "motorists." ^_^ Remember to drive safely and all that stuff. Oh, and remember to use them blinkers. They're there for a reason. ^_^

Heh... thanks for the nice plug. *blush*

Ack! I haven't talked to you in a long time! Eh... I don't know what to say now.... ^_^; Eh... if I ever feel up to it, I'll e-mail you someday. If not, then I'll make it a point to social and comment more, ok?

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parking is always a night mare...
but this is what i do when i'm late.. to get top floor parking...
i camp out near the exit/entrance on the 2nd floor...
then wait...
then when a person pops out ask if they are leaving and stalk them to their car w/ your blinker on bwa ha ha ha :D
it's the only way to go...
or.. you can go to school 59843214709837409857 hours earlier and get parking =b

Posted by Cinti @ 09/26/2002 07:52 AM PST

Oi....I wanna get Dream Days!! But too expensive though.

I know what you mean about bad math teachers. My Al/Geo teacher is a total bitch I tell you!

Posted by Sawa @ 09/24/2002 05:45 PM PST

><;; I think I need to get used to talk to more guys... or... something. ahhhhh I hope I'm not falling for him, especially when I thought I would never fall for a guy at my age. x_x;;

Kanon Dream Days is the artbook for the anime. ^^ Contains like... screenshots, character bios, and yeah, just not as much stuff as the one you have.

Yay I have a possible homework helper! *hugs* ^^ Thankies!

Hmm... at least not all of your teachers are like... old. My bio teacher is I think 60? And he has serious back problems. Plus he sounds like he's droning in lecture. I wonder how I stay awake. My chem teacher doesn't make too much sense... but I like my history teacher, even if she has an english accent. As for my english teacher... he's... old, like fifties? (Erm, his hair is all white) But he's really interesting. ^^; Good though you had an easy day. My first day of school and I was bombarded by reading assignments *shudders*. Which... I still have them. =_= and essays.

Now... I... must. ignore. the guy. oeeee why do I have to see him so much anyway... >_x I really don't want to fall for a guy right now.

Posted by Saga @ 09/24/2002 12:36 AM PST

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