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09/25/2002 Archived Entry: "So Much Abstraction! -_-"

Yesterday was my first Philosophy 3 class. We only meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they compensated by making each class 2 hours. -_- So yah... I went to that. My teacher went over what we are going to do and I'm liking what I'm hearing. He basically says that we'll be examining logic and reasoning and such in the class. I don't know about most people, but I kinda like doing stuff like that. Allows me to have superior logic. I like having superior logic. ^_^ Yah... seems that's what we're going to do in the class. The first day was kinda nyeh though. As an intro to the class, he went over a conversation between Socrates and Phaedrus, which was all about Socrates showing Phaedrus the superiority of his rhetoric. All in all, an interesting read, but it was so darn abstract! We did that for the better part of two hours, so I was feeling kinda nyeh towards the end. Lots of intense abstract concepts can do that to you, don'tcha know.

Interesting development in my Calc class: we're using a new book. -_- Let me explain: at my school, the calculus students use the same book throughout all the calc classes. Because of this, my sister's been using one calc book for all her calc classes. Now that she's off to Davis, she left her calc book around for me to use. Unfortunately, they just had to release a new edition of her book this very year. -_- So yah... my teacher tells me that the material's the same and that we can photocopy the new problems from the new book, but I went out and bought the new book anyway. I figured that that would be best because I'll probably be taking Math 1B someday, so I'd like to have the book around for that class. Yup... at least I'm working with a new book. New books are so nice. ^_^

The sis finally left for Davis cause her semester's started. Yep, so now I'm back to being the only youngin' in the house. Joy. Meh... I'll learn how to survive. I'm resiliant like that. ^_^

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okiez.. number 1 don't be shy!!!
wait.. let me change this..
sit down and don't be shy
no wait..
sit down next to people and don't be shy..
no.. umm..
sit down next to people and down be shy to talk to them..
wait.. somethign still not right..
sit down next to the a cute girl and dont' be shy to talk to her..
there we goo.. no wait..
sit down next to the cutest girl in class and don't be shy to talk to her...
YEAH that's it :D
good luck ^_-
(in otherwords make some friends... believe it or not.. with your teacher too =b)

Posted by Cinti @ 09/26/2002 07:49 AM PST

OMG... O_O;; We went over that same selection!! That Phaedrus. *cough* At least you don't have to write a paper on it. >_> My paper due tomorrow deals with Phaedrus and the real Lysias (since... I would think your teacher told you that the Lysias who gave that speech on why a lover should yield to nonlover is a fake Lysias? *sweatdrops*) I have to use those points he makes at the end of that reading, like what rhetoric as an art should be, and well as compare the type of structure of his last speech (supposedly the best of the three) to that of a work from the real Lysias. e_e;; Mou~ I wonder... what you would read next though. Perhaps Aristotle or Cicero? (or more Plato) right now, I'm starting to really wish you started school earlier... lol. ^^;;

And of course Tsu-kun will learn how to survive!! I've learned how to survive at my new school, even though it'd still be nice if I knew more people. *Sigh*

Posted by Saga @ 09/25/2002 04:53 PM PST

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