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09/29/2002 Archived Entry: "My Things are Neat Now!"

Today was a big, long day of nothing.

I spent most of the day just looking at my math. My dad's been harassing me about "getting ahead" in my studies, so he's telling me to read ahead several chapters in my math book. Gwar.... I suppose it'll be a help in class and all, but I don't like it. I want to be a lazy bum and go along with the teacher, darnit! Whatever....

Today my mommy bought me a three drawer storage... thingy. It's one of those "cheap plastic, clear drawer" deals. She wanted me to have a place to put my games and anime because they've been cluttering my computer room for a while. So I stuffed stuff in there and now things are pretty darn clean around here. ^_^ It wasn't exactly an easy task getting everything in there though. I didn't have any space for my systems or controllers at all. I filled it all up with my CDs and Amarays (not even all my Amarays). ^_^; Yah... I have a lot of games and DVDs. Honestly speaking, I'm actually kinda happy that my mom got me this thing. I've been really, really disorganized with my games and anime, so this thing makes sure that everything's all nice and neat in one little storage unit. I won't have to search forever to find everything. ^_^

Outside of studying, I've also been up to watching some Comic Party. Yah... it's been a while since I last watched the series, so I watched it over again. Aaa~... there should be more series like Comic Party. It actually makes you proud to be an anime/manga/doujin fan. There aren't enough series like that these days. Besides, Taishi is hilarious! "We... broke... sound... barrier!" HAHAHAHA!!! ^_^ Yay for Comic Party.

Hey, I'm instigating a new log crew, yo! ^_^ Heh heh... anyway, yah, I'm starting a new Nadesico log crew. Why? There are so many already? Yes, true. However, I've seen a bunch of these other crews and they're for smaller--and in my opinion--less deserving series. Nadesico is a work of art. It deserves a log crew, dagnabbit! And thus, you have the reason for the conception of the Nadesico crew. I claimed Ruri-chan of course, but everyone else is open. Unlike the other crews I've started, I haven't established a list of characters yet. Just choose a character when you decide to join.

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Three-drawer thingie? You mean like mine? That's convenient in college... But where'd you put that thing at home? Our computer room is kinda cramped with all the stuff...

Posted by Sabella-chan @ 10/05/2002 07:10 PM PST

Ah, you know the deal. I wanna be Subaru Ryoko! She's so sugoi, how could I choose anyone else? Bwahahahaha! Okay, I'm done

Posted by Shelly @ 09/30/2002 07:56 PM PST

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