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09/30/2002 Archived Entry: "My Stuff Isn't--really--Insultable!"

Doo be doo... I'm so~ very bored! -_- Need to do something to keep my sanity.... Writing... yes... writing....

My day was rather busy today. There was the usual school. That was alright. In my calc class, we're now going over limits. Pretty easy stuff really.

Today marks the day when I officially start to worship the math gods for letting me have a TI-89. Or would that be the capatalistic gods.... ^_^ Anyway, it does so~ many things! As we were going over limits today, I found and tried out the limits function. Worked like a charm. The great thing is that I didn't even know how to use the limit function, but there's a little handy button marked "catalog." This ingenious button opens a... well... catalog of how to use the calculator's functions. Score! I love my calculator! Now I just need to name it.... ^_^

After getting out of school, I made a run over to the post office. Why? I had to get in my Fanime pre-reg. Today's the last day of $30 pre-reg. Why did I wait til the last day? Simple, it all started two years ago.... *cue flashback* Younger David: "oh crap! I forgot to send in my pre-reg! Today's the last day for $30 pre-reg!" *completes pre-reg form, gets check, and goes to post office to get it postmarked* *end flashback* (great flashback, eh? XD) Since then, I've made it a tradition to mail in my pre-reg on the last day of $30 pre-reg. It's just something fun to do. ^_^ Anyway, with that, now I'm pre-regged for Fanime. w00t!

Afterwards, I headed to MGL for some SCII lovin'. Played some. People complimented my Cassie's AI. I felt good. My little one's growing up and getting recognition. ;_; <--those are proud tears there

I went by my old high school to look around to see if anyone was still around. Found a couple of my friends: Shelly and Eric. I took them home. First, we went to Eric's. He was going to burn a CD for Shelly, so we came in and took a look around. It was the first time I went in his house. He showed me his stuff and such. I insulted what seemed like just about all of it. XD Seriously speaking, his stuff isn't really all that bad, but it's all entirely too insultable with my knowledge of better stuff. ^_^ Eric made me happy. I'm proud that my stuff is so much less insultable. XD After having fun insulting time, I took Shelly home and went home myself.

Since then, I've just been sitting around. I finished my homework and such already. Now I'm just bored. Very, very bored. I need something to do! AGH! I've been refreshing the Fanime forums over and over, hoping that there's a post to comment about. IT'S NOT WORKING!!! I NEED STIMULATION!!! I'll just go and... try to find something to do now. *Twiddles thumbs*

(My, I'm surprised by my colorful language today. *shock*)

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haha XD David so swilly/ * poke poke* Glad i pre reg too=D woo

THE DEALERS ROOM!!! XD~~~, we have gotta go there together again, it was really fun=D

Posted by T-Chan @ 10/01/2002 08:04 PM PST

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