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10/05/2002 Archived Entry: "CRAB!!!"

*Eats pineapple cake* Mmm~...

*Sigh* Been up to studing and such today. You know, looking at math stuffs and reading for my art history class. Boring stuff really. Of course, if you know me at all, you'll know that I've been slacking off a lot too. ^_^; Been watching more Full Moon wo Sagashite. Up to episode 14 now. Such a sweet series. ^_^

Today I got my checks. Yep, I opened a checking account a little while ago and ordered checks. They arrived today. They are just standard Washington Mutual checks, nothing special. I don't need any sweet frilly images on them. Hmph! Although, I really wouldn't mind having nature shots on them, but oh well, them things cost more. A few days ago, I got my ATM card, so now I'm all set. What's great about the ATM card is that it has a Visa logo on it. You know what that means? It's essentially a Visa card. Score! I can order things online behind my parents' backs now! ^_^ Yo, Nanona, expect some stuff showing up on your doorstep sometime. ^_^ Heh heh.... So yah, now I can make an eBay account and a Paypal account. w00t! Just need to make sure there's a decent amount of money staying in my account. I need a job, yo. -_-

For dinner today, I had some crab. Mmm~... craby.... ^_^ Apparently it's crab season now, so they're on sale at some store, so my mom went out and bought some. After watching Iron Chef with the crab theme yesterday, of course my crab didn't look quite as appetizing, but it tasted good enough. Crab is always good. ^_^ It's a good thing my dad gave me most of the meat. Yay.

Hey folks, help me find a song. I've been watching the opening to Memories Off 2nd over and over cause I like the song. *coughdoesn'thurtthatthere'recutegirlscough* Anyway, it's entitled "Ashita tenki ni..." and it's sung by Remi. If anyone has it or could help me find it, please send it this way. Darnit, need to get the game someday....

La de da, that's enough for today. What do you expect? I've been home all day. Like I ever do anything at home. ^_^

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Geh art history? ?? Ugh...Isn't it better to try doing some art than studying about it... - -;Welps, anyway I shouldn't question your ways of course.

Hey, my mom has the same checking account too..... =) Cept she gotz purty images on em. Now you can be an ebay auctioneer like me!! XD

Posted by Hana @ 10/06/2002 09:50 AM PST

AH!! ANOTHER LAYOUT?! o_o; I need to put up mine, but now I'm having second thoughts. *falls over*

XD I have a checkcard? er... but not allowed to use it. -_-;

the Memories off song? I think I have it on another comp. I'll look for it!

Posted by Saga @ 10/06/2002 12:40 AM PST

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