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10/06/2002 Archived Entry: "I Respect One Gamestop Employee"

Aw crap! When did it past 11:00? Geez... I've lost my sense of time today.

Today I went out to supposedly watch a movie. Didn't end up watching a movie though. Instead, I went shopping and spent time with friends.

First, I went to Gamestop to look at spiffy gamey goodness. As I was browsing through the anime selection and making comments, one of the employees chimed in and made some comment, which made it darn obvious that he knew what I was talking about. I was all like "ok... so this guy actually knows something." Thus, a conversation was struck up. Not far into the conversation, I realized something. The guy knew more about anime than I did. Now that came as a complete shock to me. I rarely meet anyone who knows more than me, let alone a Gamestop employee. I was taken aback as he went on about how he went to tons of conventions and spent time with a bunch of creators (mangaka, composers, character designers). It was pretty interesting stuff. This guy rocks I tell you. Good man. I'll be sure to look out for him next time I come back. Why? Cause I know he's actually a competent employee. Besides, he's a nice guy to chat with. ^_^

I also went to Media Play and drove to Nikaku. All in all, I got the first volume of the Sakura Taisen 2nd OVA, the last (6th) volume of Princess Nine, and the fourth Real Bout High School tankouban.

After my fun shopping time, I went to Hana's. There I killed about three to four hours. Doing what? I helped her with some homework and goofed off on her computer. Nothing all that noteworthy.

Blah... It's so hot now. x_x I'm dying in here (being the computer room). I don't know if it's the weather or if it's just stuffy. Either way, it's much warmer than I like it. x_x

GAAAA~!!! I need stuff happening in my life. It's so darn boring! Hopefully there'll be some more exciting things to talk about tomorrow because I'm at a lost to say anything else right now.

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That's so sad!! He know more anime than u.I Respect him too David. See ya

Posted by Anthony @ 10/07/2002 07:35 PM PST

Oi sensei. Sorry, if the visit to my house wasn't quite uplifting to ur spirit, but there's always another visit. ^_^ I'll have cheesecake around next time u visit. Mmm? I'm pretty horrible when it comes to inviting guests over. If only I can get a new TV for the living room.
- -;

Posted by Hana @ 10/07/2002 12:04 AM PST

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