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10/07/2002 Archived Entry: "Ish be Hot Today"

Ish be hot today. x_x

Just came home from school and when I got out to my car, I was all like, "wow, this is hot." When I opened the door, I was greeted by tons of hot air rushing out towards me. When I actually started going somewhere, the wheel was so hot that I couldn't leave my hands on it. I had to take my hands on and off, as not to cause lots o' bad painness. Yah, it be hot. Just wanted to say that. ^_^

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No kidding. XD

Posted by Hana @ 10/07/2002 04:57 PM PST

wow.. is it that hot over there O_o' it's quite alright over here =O * huggles* poor Davey Chu

Posted by T-Chan @ 10/07/2002 04:10 PM PST

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