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10/08/2002 Archived Entry: "Human Evolution?"

Today in my art history class we took an amazing trip... across campus.... ^_^;

Yah, we visited the little art museum located on campus. It's a small place and it's tucked away, so I never even knew it existed. ^_^; Our teacher took us there to look at the pieces and to hear one disabled artist-man speak about his life and his works. It was rather interesting. Got to look at some interesting contemporary art. Well... I wouldn't say that all of it was interesting.... I don't get modern art. ^_^; Some of those things just looked like something I could have done, had I taken a bunch of stuff and tossed them around. But hey, I'm not art educated, so I guess my opinion counts for nothing, doesn't it?

While Mr. Disabled Artist-man was talking, I thought of something. He was going over all the problems he had in life as a diabled man (he contracted I think it was polio and he has problems with his legs) and telling the audience about how he's working on diabled awareness around the world and how he's trying to dispell the stigma associated with diabled people (especially in asia). Now while he was telling us this, I couldn't help but think in an evolutionary sense: "shouldn't these people just die?" Now don't get me wrong. I don't hate diabled people or anything. I'm just saying that for the good of the human race, shouldn't these people be eliminated? It's called survival of the fittest. These people are obviously not among the fittest, so why should we allow them to live and to pass on their flawed genes to another generation? That will not allow the human race to evolve. Heck, while we're at it, shouldn't medicine be done away with too? Many medicines don't actually cure disease, but rather suppress the disease or something else along those lines. That's another reason why bad genes are still being circulated in the gene pool. Sure, these statements may seem inhumane to many of you, but I don't care. I'm looking out for the good of the human race here. And where the heck did the word "humane" come from anyway? When has being human meant being nice?

Nothing else particuarily interesting. I just want to say that I got a 92/99 on my first philosophy test. Yes, I'm good. XD

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Gawd Dave-kun, have a little sympathy man! Those poor disabled people...some of them are disabled through an accident, which they could not predict. Hehe you must have been influenced by Soujirou about survival of the fittest? XD I agree to that, but I also feel sorry for those people who are not the "survivors"...

Posted by Sawa @ 10/09/2002 01:51 PM PST

You're absolutely right in thinking that those people are not the fittest of the human species. However, do you realize that they won't ever get the chance to reproduce anyway? Anyway..I want to prove you wrong. What about Franklin Delano Roosevelt? He had polio, and was usually confined to a wheelchair...yet, he was one of the greater presidents mentioned in our history books. What if any other great people were never born or never got the chance to share discoveries with the rest of the world? Where would we be now?

Posted by June @ 10/09/2002 09:28 AM PST

Don't worry Sempai, this'll all be taken care of when I blow up the world.

Posted by Shelly @ 10/09/2002 08:46 AM PST

Hi hi, BUM made me reply ^^;; Plus your babbling is quite interesting.

What you seem to be saying in general about people, or animals for that matter, is that they are only worthy of life if they are of some use to someone/something etc. While in a Utilitarian sense this would be true, I don't believe it's a practical way to judge whether or not we/animals are worthy of existance.If someone decided to kill off all the useless people/animals, you could most likely count on apocalypse. Truth be told, the human race isn't exactly USEFUL to the earth.So in a Utilitarian sense, we ALL should be killed.

The man you talk about, may be limited physically, but physical capacity is such a subjective criterion. To me, the best criteria to decide whether someone should be allowed to live or not is whether they are good or evil. In another parallelism you can think of it like going bald. Hair is basically dead protein anyway, utterly useless ne? So the best thing to do is to go bald. Basically, it isn't correct to judge whether something is worthy of being there or not based on mere asthetics. Finishing then, it is extremely shallow to determine the "value" of someone's life, based soley on their outer appearance/physical capacity.I vehemently believe that utterly evil people do not deserve to live. Consider the metaphysical standing of someone's psyche, rather than their physical "utility" to "humanity"

On medicine then. Is this supposed to be a bash on medical research and scientific achievement? Because if it is, it's not really convincing, not philosophically anyway. Medicine is an attempt to give/save those who are in most need (although it doesn't really happen that way if you consider Medicare and all the other bull insurance companies sling at you --;;;). Medicine may seem like it "prolongs" life, and that's exactly what it does. In cancer patients, the immediate goal is to prolong the duration of life. This includes assuring that the patient is comfortable and painfree.The next steps would be chemotherapy, blood-toxin injections, etc. In truth, it may be best to simply let the patient go peacefully, and in most cases this is what happens.But they are not "simply let to die" just to because they are not useful to society. In fact it is pointless TO BE useful to society, since society ITSELF isn't meant to be useful at all --;;; But the point of medicine is more than simply prolonging life. It is in the simplest of terms. Moreso it is to improve the quality of life. To make a parallelism then, to eliminate medicine would be like eliminating computers. (!) Shocking ne? Medicine is used to improve life, by combating viruses and other potentially fatal diseases, which improves/prolongs life. Technology, more specifically computers, is used to improve communication and data exchange. of course the importance of one over the other should be obvious. Without proper immunizations, and treatments, most of the people on earth using computers wouldn't be around. In fact, the computer may not have even been invented, hadn't it's creator gotten his smallpox or polio vaccination.

I'll end off with this nice quote ^_^

"The human spirit is measured not by the size of the act, but by the size of the heart"

*scratches head* ^^;;; Okay, that's more about humanity towards others, than relevance of existance but it's a nice quote still ^^;;; Ja ne! Hope I didn't offend you, just had something to say ^^;;

Posted by Yuri-Chan @ 10/09/2002 12:28 AM PST

mou, oniichama is a true Darwinian there [and philosopher... where is Tsu-kun right now in philosophy? ^^; We just did an amusing thing with Erasmus. But that supposedly exercised our ability to say one thing in many amusing ways].

Onto Tsu-kun's survival of the fittest opinion. I do agree that some people should be eliminated... especially when they can't be fed. And though most medicine only suppress and cure symptoms, in which bacterial viruses wind up developing resistance to, I don't think I can say I would want to eliminate them all. This imoutochan kinda depends on daily medication to keep going. ^^;; It wouldn't be good if I didn't take my daily tablet(s). Kinda beats having not so good health compared to everyone else. Tsu-kun by his comment would also kinda nudge to doing away with surgeries and operations. Like the whole medical wing. >_> I... wouldn't be here today if that had actually happened. Tsu-kun also forgot that shamans and other healers have been practising for centuries before christ, so it's not like medicine had started recently... it just improved a lot. What is Saga getting to? Wipe out some medicine -- but don't wipe them completely!

I got to admit though, being human never meant nice. >< *thinks about the mean classmate*

Posted by Saga @ 10/08/2002 10:40 PM PST

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