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10/11/2002 Archived Entry: "Special Edition 1"

Just Wingin' It Special Edition Version 1: Happy Birthday Nakoruru '02

Yes, a new layout. I know I've only had the last layout up for a week, but I felt that I had to change the layout. Why? Because today is Nakoruru's birthday. Yes, thus you folks are introduced to the first JWI Special Edition. Well... honestly, I've been putting off working on Nako images from the very beginning of my designing career. Why? Because I've never felt that I was good enough to do them justice. However, because of this event, I decided to put that aside and try out something. I guess I was right. I think this layout sucks. I just couldn't make anything look good, so I tried to make it simple and elegant, but then I messed that up too. In the end, I worked up til about 11:00 PM, which meant that I had to get up something, so I went with the best I had. That's what you see here. It sucks. Utterly. I'm kinda ashamed to put this up as a birthday tribute, but hey, what can I do? Well... I'll comfort myself by telling myself that it's the thought that counts.

Happy birthday Nako....

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a new version of her has purple hair? =O


Posted by T-Chan @ 10/12/2002 01:58 PM PST

I won't judge your layout designing ablities sensei, cuz I think they're alwayz purty durty. =D Anywayz, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAKO!!!

Posted by Hana @ 10/12/2002 10:44 AM PST

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