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10/12/2002 Archived Entry: "Initial D Arcade Stage XD"

Ha~... fun day I had today.

My sister came home yesterday from Davis. So we've been going on as we usually have in the past. This morning, we decided to wash our cars because well... they were dirty. Now we were just doing car washingness when my dad decided to come on over and show us how to "properly" wash a car. -_- Now I don't know about you, but I think we know how to wash a car. Just moisen it, soap it, wash it down, and dry it, right? Make sure not to scratch the paint. Now we were doing just that, when he comes up claiming that we had to do it this particular way. -_- For crying out loud! We can handle washing a freakin' car! Gwar.... He didn't seem to let up either. He just had to go on and on and criticize our washing every step of the way. I tell you, it's annoying as heck. Gwar....

After that little affair, I headed out to my friend Anika's birthday party. She turned 16. Joy. Thus I went. We did stuff. The girls were playing Twister. I didn't join in. Why? Because I'm not going to degrade myself to that level, thank you very much. Afterwards, we had food. Fooding is always the best part of a party. ^_^ Got to eat some pizza and some cake. Mmm~....

Towards the end, we had a water fight. It was split up so it was the boys vs girls on opposing teams. Now this one didn't involve water guns, rather water balloons. You know what that means? That means that at the pathetic speeds that most water balloons are lobbed at, I'm able to dodge most if not all of them. Today I dodged all of them. It's sad really. I did get a little moist when Ryoko threw some of a bucketful of water at me, but that's because she caught me by surprise and I still dodged in time to only get my shoulder and some of my hair wet. Yeah, I'm good. XD

After the party, I headed out to MGL. This time, instead of playing a lot of SCII (I played some and dominated the pathetic challengers -_-), I played Initial D Arcade Stage for the first time. This game is so cool! When you begin play, you pick a car, and from there you race it to gain experience to upgrade you car. The best part is that all this data isn't stored on the machine itself. Rather, it's stored on a card. When you begin, it gives you a card and from there, to continue playing with your car, you just insert the card into the machine before you play. It's ingenious I tell you! Good stuff. Here's my card. Yes, I'm driving an FD. Hell yeah. XD What amazes me about the game is that drifting is hecka easy! I don't even have to downshift to initiate oversteer. I'm amazed... because that's not right. Oh well... whatever. It's still fun anyway. I'll just have to go by MGL more often now.... XD

That's all for now. I borrowed Kingdom Hearts from Ryoko, so now I'm off to play it. *scuttles off*

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Too bad I wasn't invited to the whole partiness ;_; I hope you guys had fun V. I was at home cleaning and such. Always fun doing that sort of stuff =P Later I called sataya and got the call relayed to vince. Then i was told where you guys were and got picked up with vince to go to MGL. Too bad you had left already. I tried out the inital D games too, yeah drifting is really easy ^_^''' I hope next time we'll get to see eachother. I think i'll have to ask shelly if i can borrow kingdom hearts. It looks pretty nice XD

Posted by SLM @ 10/13/2002 07:16 PM PST

;_; I want to play Kingdom Hearts!! Grrr... I want free time *cough*. But anyways, ^^ I like the new layout! Very serene, and simple. It's like a Saga-style lol. ^^;

Now the washing car thing. I swear my dad doesn't know how to wash a car himself. I mean, after he "washes" the car the car is... still dirty. >_> My mom on the other hand does a spectacular job, which my dad likes to lecture to her how to "properly" wash one. We have interesting dad's don't we?

Posted by Saga @ 10/13/2002 12:27 PM PST

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