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10/13/2002 Archived Entry: "Me Write 'bout Art"

*Sniff* The David is sick. x_x

Yes, I caught a cold... or flu... something. I don't know what the heck it is yet, but I do know I'm sick. Symptoms actually started developing maybe two days ago, but they were really minor, so I tried to hide and ignore them. You know... a slight dryness of the throat and very, very mild nose runningness. Today it got bad enough that I now sneeze occasionally and my nose is now mildly runny. Bah! I don't like being sick. It sucks. Gwar....

Today I headed out to the San Jose Museum of Art to write up a nice paper for my art history class. We were given a choice of exhibits at various art galleries to visit and write about. I chose the Museum of Art because it's the easiest to go to. ^_^ So yah, I went there. Now I haven't been downtown in a long time. I pretty much forgot what most of it looked like. Not that I ever really went there much before, but at least it seemed like I went there more before. So as I was going through downtown and looking at the sights, they looked mildly familiar.

At the museum itself, I took a look at all the pieces before finding pieces to write about. Now I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't understand contemporary art. Sure, there were the traditional paintings that looked like art, but them installation pieces. What's up with some of those? Looks like stuff I could make by throwing a bunch of somewhat related items together in a random fashion. Meh... whatever floats their boats and such (which technically speaking would be buoyancy, but hey, it's a figure of speech ^_^). When I finally settled on pieces to write about, I sat there for maybe a good half hour to fourty five minutes writing about them. There were others that joined me in the same area and you could obviously tell that they were doing the exact same thing I was doing. Good thing they were doing it cause it's due tomorrow. Yah, I'm a really good procrastinator. ^_^;

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Hey, don't be like that! I'm sick too! Where's my sympathy?

Posted by Shelly @ 10/16/2002 08:08 AM PST

mrow? Davey Chu is sick.. =O * huggles* Get well soon.. man everyone is getting sick.. stupid flu season =_=

Posted by T-Chan @ 10/14/2002 09:56 PM PST

Awww poor David. Everyone seems to be catching the flu now that is a winter season. =T Surprisingly, I'm also sick! I have a sore throat that gets all dried and I have drink water constantly to clear it off. It doesn't help much but it nullifies it for awhile. ^^; Even worse I seem to have lost my voice.::cough::cough:: sighs...this sux..

Posted by Hana @ 10/14/2002 01:06 AM PST

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