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10/14/2002 Archived Entry: "No! There's a Green SW20!? =("

Today I was supposed to go get a flu shot. Key word: "supposed." I didn't. Why not? Because I'm sick. You shouldn't get a flu shot when you're already sick. Body's weak and all that crap. To tell you the truth, I was supposed to go get this shot on Saturday, but I had Anika's party. As if I wasn't sick then also. Oh whatever. I didn't really want to go out and have some doctor stick a needle in me anyway. Not that I'm afraid or anything, but it's a waste of time. Time that could very well be spent in front of the computer doing nothing! ^_^

This morning, I went to MGL before classes. There, I played some more Initial D Arcade Stage. Man, the FD handles too well. I mean, sure, I can understand that it would handle well, but geez... it's just too good. I hear that it's the clear-cut "best" car in the game (followed by the 86), I don't doubt it. So instead of working on my FD, I decided to start a new, more fun car. What's the fun in a car when it does everything you want it to do? ^_^ Thus, I started a SW20, or a 2nd generation MR2. I chose the only mid-engined car, which I knew would be an experience. Now this car is satisfying to drive. Forget that I'm having a really hard time keeping it under control. ^_^; It's all about fun and this car is definately fun to drive. I can do such ludicrious drifts it's funny. ^_^ Although granted, not consistently, cause I'm still a newbie at the game. I love it. Problem is, after getting home and looking at stuff on the internet, I found out that there's a dark green color! I didn't know that was dark green (not knowing, I chose dark blue)! I thought it was gray! It certainly looked gray on the car select screen.... Unfortunately you know what that means? That means that I'll have to start another car. -_- Man, this game is going to clean me out. At $1 a race and $1 for a card, I'm in for very rough financial times. Da... If anyone's interested in the card I never intend to use again, here it is.

Anyone reading this go to the last Fanime? Anyone remember the guy with "the sign?" Well... apparently he showed up for the Anime Festival at the Metreon this last Saturday. Here're pictures. Good stuff. XD

I've been unusually sleepy today. Although my unusually sleepy is generally much different from what most people consider "unsually sleepy." When you think of the words "unusually sleepy," I'm sure you're thinking of being half asleep, right? For me, that involves almost falling asleep in class and getting sleepy early, like say, now (which for the record is 10:19 PM). I'm usually not sleepy, so when these things happen, it's an indication or something. Almost fell asleep in my art history class. I hope the stuff my teacher went over in the last ten/fifteen minutes aren't really important. ^_^; Anyway, I suppose this is all because I'm sick. Darn weak body and such. Gwar.... *shakes fist*

Feeling too sleepy to continue typing, so there.

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davey chuuu =O get better.. * huggles*

whoa.. it's that guy O_O..

Posted by T-Chan @ 10/15/2002 09:13 PM PST

Awww poor Tsubasa! Get well soon!

Posted by Shana-chan @ 10/15/2002 03:33 PM PST

Ahhhh Tsu-kun get better soon!! Sick is not good! No no no no no no no. >_x;; Man I know that all too well.

Posted by Saga @ 10/15/2002 09:09 AM PST

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