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10/16/2002 Archived Entry: "My Pencil Sucks"

They don't make mechanical pencils like they used to.

My pencil broke. -_- It's pretty darn new too! I bought it the first day of school! It's one of them Quicker-Clickers. I guess Pentel's quality control is pretty much shot these days. I remember when the Quicker-Clickers were a lot better than this. Back in the days when there was no wimpy rubber grip thing on them. Bah! Real writers don't need rubber grips! ^_^ But seriously now, this thing is pretty cheap in comparison. I was just twisting the tip of the pencil to unscrew the unscrewable part, when the entire tip of the pencil came off and with it, came the little plastic mechanical wedge-part-thing that makes the pencil click. I guess it wasn't that bad because I can still stick it on and write with it, but now the tip comes off occasionally and that sucks. I gotta go out and get a better pencil. Anyone have any suggestions? I want something good and solid. Preferably in the color green. ^_^

As for my physical health, practically all the symptoms of bad sickliness are gone. I still got a little bit of the sniffles, but that's about it. I suppose that's a good thing. It's definately more like me too cause I rarely get sick. My body's unusually healthy. I guess it runs in the family cause everyone in my family seems to be unusually healthy. No one ever seems to have serious health problems, no one has died during my lifetime, and my grandparents are still alive even thought they're 80+. It's great. I know I'll have a long life to live with little in the way of health problems. You just watch, I'll be one of them old geezers that runs a good 5 miles each morning. XD So yah, I'm gooder and non-sicklier now (that is what I was talking about... I think.... XD).

I've been playing more Initial D Arcade Stage. Good game. I have a nice dark green SW20 now and I'm working on it. I'm finally starting to get decent at handling the thing. Yah, it's hard. It's kinda discouraging seeing people who haven't played as much doing better. -_- Although granted I see them driving things like FDs and Lan Evos, so it's kinda understandable. At least I know that my car requires some kind of skill. Not as much as the Miata, but plenty enough. ^_^

Oi, oi, imouto! I'm helping the team goodly! I got 10158 keystrokes! Now all I have to do is pulse. Oh wait... make that... 10240... no... 10256... no.... Anyway, aren't you proud of me!? XD (Project Dolphin)

So yes... that's it. I hope you folks enjoyed my rambling about my pencil and how I'm going to be unusually healthy when I'm aging and supposed to by dying. Yep yep. XD

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my goodness... i'm so damn late. ;__; love the new layout onii-chan!!! *hearts nanase-san's stuff* i got your email so i'll try to get to that! XD

Posted by riku @ 10/18/2002 10:36 PM PST

Get Zebra pencils. :D Though they may not come in fashionable colors, they're silvery and metallic-looking and they never break. ^.^

Posted by Saka @ 10/18/2002 11:13 AM PST

Whoo!I'm fascinated how you managed to write a whole paragraph about a broken pencil. ><;; However, I do use Pental pencils for my drawings, cuz its easy on the index finger. Well, there's always those cute Sanrio types. ^^;;

::cough::cough:: I still can't talk... XD Its kinda freaky thinking provisions of ourselves being geezers::shivers:: ^^;

Posted by Hana @ 10/17/2002 11:36 PM PST

err.. u were sick?
anyway lol your hoocked on Initial D.. umm anyway.. since i'm not planning to play it.. can i be you manager?
i'm already Steven's, Romy's, Jeff's, Anthony's, and Sataya's... i need more people (it makes me feel important ^^)
i want to own the best race team on Inital D so yeah :D bwa ha ha ha ^^;;; a leader who doesn't play XD
hmm to bad u weren't there at the Soul Calibur 2 tornament last tuesday... oh well if u ever enter one though tell me ^^
ja ne

Posted by Cinti @ 10/17/2002 01:12 PM PST

XD Whee!! Since the server is being maintained, just keep collecting them and like the next day double click the icon or heck I think it'll send by itself. XD GO TSU-KUN!

And mechanical pencil suggesstion: I use the Tri-Grip ones~ Though I have 5 colours. Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow. They've lasted me going on 3rd year~ on the same pencil. The only bad part is that it's 0.7 so the writing comes out a bit thicker. ^^

That pulse thingy gets addictive. *stares at a few of her friends that are already amused by it*

Posted by Saga @ 10/16/2002 10:27 PM PST

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