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10/20/2002 Archived Entry: "Family Dinner... yah..."

Just came back from a dinner at my aunt's. Much of the family was invited. Fun times ensued.

At the dinner, my cousins and I hung out around the grill. Yah, now grilling's a man's way to cook. You just take slabs of meat and put it over fire. XD Yep.... Anyway, one thing I realized today: not very many people like well-done meat. I love well-done meat. I can't stand any less cause the redness just sickens me. I just can't bring myself to eating something so red and juicy. But that's me and apparently I'm different from most everyone else. -_-

Man, the young men in my family (myself included) are pathetic. None of us ever seem to have a girlfriend. -_- Because of this, occasionally we get other family members trying to fix us up with people. Well... to tell you the truth, I've never been approached by them, but my uncle and cousin get it all the time. Today, it was my cousin. My dad actually went up to him and kinda tried to set him up with someone. -_- It's pathetic. First, it was my sister, then it's my dad. -_- My uncle gets that all the time too. By golly does he get it all the time. It seems that everyone wants to set him up with someone just because he's in his thirties and he's well-to-do (he's making tons working for HewlettPackard). It's like they don't let up on him. Yes, we're a pathetic bunch we are. -_-

My little cousins are quite the rambuntious little rascals. They were going around playing with their toy lightsabers. They would go around, find one of my other cousins--who are about the same age I am--and they would poke them with the lightsabers in the butt. o_O Yah, you read correctly, in the butt. What the heck is wrong with children these days? I just sat down and was like, "well, I'm not standing up. One time, they happened to see a grasshopper on the wall and they were all trying to whack it with them sabers. Now I don't know about most people, but I have this thing where I don't think anything should die needlessly, so I grabbed their sabers whenever they swang. It was pretty easy. Eventually they stopped, but man, that was just too mean. Eventually, the grasshopper flew away and I was happy cause I thought it was safe. Unfortunately, later I found it apparently squashed into a welcome mat thing leading into the house. Poor thing.... -_-

Later in the house, I was just chatting with my cousins. The older folk were watching Paris by Night, which is a popular Vietnamese music program. I was just minding my own business when I heard someone rapping. I glanced over at the TV screen to see some Viet guys trying to look hardcore and rapping in english. Now I don't know about you, but I think that's the funniest thing in the world. It came completely out of the blue because you don't expect hardcore rapping when most Vietnamese music is a pretty soft, easy-listening affair. Sure, it was in english, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that there were these guys rapping, trying to look really hardcore, and doing hand signs. o_O I couldn't help but laugh. Hard. XD

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I don't like my meat red and juicy either. Bleh! Kinda sickens me...X_X

Awww poor grasshopper! Probably just minding its own business and happily hopping around when...SPLAT! someone squishes it...T_T More people should respect nature.

Posted by Shana-chan @ 10/21/2002 01:56 PM PST

Paris by Night! @_@ *ish flooded with nostalgia* My mom and dad used to watch that thing all the time when I was younger. :P That show annoyed the crap outta me... dun' even know why!

Posted by Saka @ 10/21/2002 12:51 PM PST

Pff...no one's family is perfect. I'm ashamed most of my older cousins and uncles are crackheads and the other is just about getting faded. = =;; I'm so embarrassed.
Ahh fooding w/ relatives. Most common amongst asain folks nowadayz. ^^; I think I'm going over to my aunite's for Thanksgiving and get bored with the old folks's cheezmiss(<<----u should know wut dat means).
Dats kewl of u to respect nature. =D Poor grashopper, it didn't deserve the death sentence.XD

Posted by Hana @ 10/20/2002 09:58 PM PST

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