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10/21/2002 Archived Entry: "Comic Party!"

Today I received the first thing I bought online using my check card: Comic Party for Dreamcast.

Yes, I got Comipa. XD I've been meaning it get it for a while, but it's been a little harder to find more recently considering how it kinda went out of print a while ago. Luckily for me, Sega's rereleasing games under the Dreamcast Collection label. Essentially, it's just like the initial pressings, but there's a Dreamcast Collection sticker on the outside of the wrapper. So when I heard this, I ordered my copy from National Console Support, and it reached my doorstep today.

Fun game. Considering how I can't read a word... symbol of Japanese, I've been going kinda blind though it. ^_^; At least the DC version has full-voice. So that means that I get to make out somethings every once in a while. ^_^;; Oh well... whatever. I've pretty much gotten the hang of most of it. I spent a while trying to learn what each option does and I think I pretty much got it down now. The main thing I need to know now is how to save. ^_^; Yes, I don't know how to save. -_- Dang... them guys at Leaf sure felt the need to hide the save feature well or something. -_-

From what I've played, it's pretty nice. I love the CGs. ^_^ Gotta love Cut a Dash! art (that's circle that made the character designs for the game). Anyway, I went through the beginning part. In the beginning, Taishi takes Kazuki and Mizuki to a convention. Dang that sequence is long. -_- At least it was pretty interesting and at least I got to see Emi, which is always good. ^_^ As time went on, I got to the actual game portion and when I did, I decided to see Minami a lot. ^_^ Hey, gotta love slighty older women with an elegant bearing. ^_^

Unfortunately I kinda worked myself to death. ^_^; I forgot about my stamina and worked too hard on my doujin, so I got a game over. -_- Meh... I'll play again tomorrow. ^_^

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*^_^* You're silly.

Posted by hitomi @ 10/23/2002 02:30 PM PST

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