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10/23/2002 Archived Entry: "It's Cold"

It's cold these days. What the heck happened? It was warm... actually, it was rather hot and then all of a sudden, *bam,* it became cold. The weather's strange like that I guess. Although it's actually been cold for a few days, today my dad actually turned on the heater in the house. I don't see why he did it, considering how I'm never cold. Although, that's probably because I'm always in the relatively small computer room which is always warm because of the heat eminating from the computer and my own body heat. Oh well.... You folks know what happens when you don't use the furnace for a while? Well... when you turn it on, there's this burning smell that's given off. Not very pleasant. But it's gone now, so it's alright.

Interesting tidbit: today I got my first copy protected CD. Yes, copy protected CDs are evil, but I can't seem to find any J-Pop singles without it. -_- Well... in case you're wondering, I picked up BoA's Kiseki/No. 1 single today. Of course I got it for No. 1 because that song rulz. ^_^ What I didn't expect is that it's translated into Japanese. I didn't even know that there was a Japanese version. ^_^; Oh whatever. It still sounds good. As for what it'll do in my computer, I tried it out. When I pop it in, I get a little music listener thing that'll play back the CD on my computer. Problem is, it'll only play it back at 48 kbp. -_- That's crap quality. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to pop it into the Bose system (which happens to be my computer audio system) when I want to listen to it. No biggy.

Life is boring.

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kiseki's really good ^_^. at least it started out really good. for some reason, after you hear it for a while, you realize it really sucks

but yes, no. 1 is good :)


Posted by dandan @ 10/28/2002 10:50 AM PST

Oooh, "No. 1" is such a great song! I was originally gonna dance to that (the English version) for the talent show but then I ran out of time to learn it...and then they changed everything. Those evil people! -__-

Posted by Shana-chan @ 10/24/2002 03:44 PM PST

wow, now we're all cold, I could just remember as if it was yesterday when everyone was complaining how hot it has been, gwar, time does pass by too fast.

Gwar, Glad I have a scarf.. scarf XD

Posted by Ti-Chan at Skool @ 10/24/2002 02:48 PM PST

hee hee... BoA...

Posted by Cinti @ 10/24/2002 01:57 PM PST

e_e;; Mou, is it just me or I have a hard time understanding BoA's japanese? *sweatdrops* Ahhh I have to get up early tomorrow too. Yesh life is boring.

Posted by Saga @ 10/24/2002 12:50 AM PST

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