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10/25/2002 Archived Entry: "Enneagram Test"

The personality type you score highest reflects your dominant behavior pattern (if you did not score much higher on any one type then you probably don't have a main type). Your highest scoring behavior pattern is:

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Your results on all types are calculated into a MEAN which reflects your general nature. Your MEAN is 4.85.

sub 5 MEAN
too self involved
too intuitive
too judgemental
too orderly
too receptive
too submissive
overly negative
too introverted
too social
too needy
over confident

The MEAN (general nature) is the best gauge of the sum of who you are because it reflects all your type scores. The MEAN reflects all your influences - environmental, genetic, conscious, and unconscious. Western cultures tend to value some 'above 5 MEAN' values more but they are just as off the mark as 'sub 5 MEAN' values. Your main type is especially important because it reflects the behavior you consciously choose to operate by more often. For example, if your general nature was a car, your main type would be the lead driver. But, the best driving can't make a slow car go fast. So even if you had a Type 8 main type, if your MEAN is below five, your general nature is still too slack. Unlike a car though, you can change your general nature in time. The ideal MEAN to strive for is 5.00 and the ideal main type to work towards is type 5. Whether you are above or below 5.00 you are unlikely to have problems with all the issues listed but the further your MEAN is from the middle the more issues you will have and/or the more severe those issues will be.
That doesn't surprise me. I generally think of myself as a rational, logical person.

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