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10/26/2002 Archived Entry: "Annual Halloween Party '02"

Just came back from my friend's yearly Halloween party. Well... considering how a party is just more convenient on a weekend, she decided to have it today instead of on the actual Halloween day.

The thing with me is that I can never really get into what one might consider the "party spirit." While everyone else is having fun chatting and, at least in our case, horse playing around, I can generally be found either sitting around or lying around quietly. I don't know why. It's just that I never feel like joining in when everyone is upidy and being disorderly. Call me dull. So much of the time was spent lying around for me. Yep. It wasn't a bad party though. It was actually rather fun cause I don't often get out and have gatherings with my friends like that.

Hm... it always seems that year after year, after each Halloween party, I always get something in my head to think about. The last maybe two years it was stuff about girls, but this year is different. As a general rule, I've become a lot less romantic and a lot more realistic over the last year. That's probably why. Anyway, as I was saying, this year I got something in my head: why do I command such much respect? I've wondered about this since I first heard that people respected me. Apparently, as I've been told, many people respect me, trust me, and all those other positive things. Now I don't know if any of you have ever been in such a situation, and thus are able to relate to me, but I guess I'm just a little overwhelmed. I suppose I feel everyone's expectations for me are just too high for me. And yah... I can't describe it any better, so nyeh....

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every1 expectations are too high for you.. wow.. i'd never thought i'd here you say that...
anyway.. if it help i don't really have much expecations from people but to be their selves.. which u do nicely =b

Posted by Cinti @ 10/28/2002 11:50 AM PST

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