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11/02/2002 Archived Entry: "My Hair's too Short ;_;"

Yesterday my mom made me go out and get my hair cut. ;_; That's just not right I tell you! I finally had my hair the longest it has ever been and she makes me go out and get it cut so that I'd supposedly look more presentable in about a month or so for my grandpa's birthday and a wedding. The way I styled my hair, I had it hanging straight down, so it actually hung down in front of my eyes. I know most people would say that having hair hanging right in front of your eyes is annoying, but I didn't mind it at all. Heck, I thought it was pretty cool. Besides, black hair hanging down in front of the eyes really cuts down on glare on them sunny days. ^_^ But alas, now I am long-hairless. Actually, I think it's the shortest my hair has ever been. I don't think it looks so great, but my mom says that it's a more sporty, energetic hairstyle. -_- Gwar I say... gwar....

Today I headed out to a local Toyota parts dealership with my dad to buy parts for the '82 Corolla (which I drive) and the '83 pickup (my dad drives). Basically we went into the parts dealership and bought stuff. Nothing special. I did take a little look around though. Did you know that there's absolutely nothing I want in the current Toyota lineup? Everything's either an economy car or SUV. It's really disheartening. What the heck happened to one of my favorite car manufacturers? They need more sports cars. Why did they have to restyle the MR2? Why don't they release the Supra in the US? Why the heck is the Celica so weak (180 hp)? I tell you, Toyota's recent lineups really disappoint me.

As we were leaving the dealership, I mentioned to my dad that I was kinda interested in the Lexus IS300. I don't think he took quite a liking to that. I suggested that we pop by the Lexus dealership to take a look at one, but he said that he already knew about it. Sure~ he does.... I'm certain he said that because he doesn't like the idea of me eyeing a Lexus. It's not like I want it because it's some kind of expensive luxury Lexus. By all means, no. I want it because it's the Toyota Altezza. For any of you who don't know, Lexus is a subsididary of Toyota Motor Company. It sells select Toyota models around the world under its moniker. The Toyota Altezza just happens to be one of these models. It's sold as the Lexus IS300 outside of Japan. So yes, I've been hearing good things about Altezzas for a while, so when I learned that they are IS300s in the US, I became interested. Here you have a sports sedan with a decent amount of normally aspired power (215 hp), spiffy looks, a decent amount of performance mods, and--most importantly--rear-wheel drive. What else could I ask for? So--getting back to my point--, My dad is planning on buying me a car after four years of college, so I thought I'd mention the car I was interested in. He didn't take quite a liking to it. If he had full say in the decision-making, I'll be getting a Camry or Corolla. Now I don't know about you, but I would hate to get one of those. Not because they are economy cars. Of course not. It's all because those two models, like about 70% of all other cars being manufactured today, are front-wheel driven. I hate front-wheel drive. It's the bane of my driving existance. I personally believe that it's very concept is detrimental to performance. Weight transfers backward when you accelerate, right? Then why would you want your front wheels delivering the power? They provide good handling, but with crap acceleration and a tendency to understeer, I think they're only really useful in rallying. But I digress. As I was saying, my dad was not pleased. He took this chance to give me a lecture about how I should start out with a simple "non-fancy" car for family-car or working purposes and maybe a few years after getting it, I could go out and buy another "fancy" car for fun driving. I suppose that makes sense in one perspective, but it doesn't make sense to me. If I want a certain car, then why spend money on a car I don't want? If I'm just going to buy it later anyway, why not take the money that's going to be spent on a car I don't want, and put it towards a car I do want? That makes more sense to me. Oh whatever.... I'll just wait four years and argue with my dad again. Hopefully by then he'll accept my choices a bit more readily.

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parents are like that..
just do what ever kid in the world does (unless your a spoiled girl) and just wait and buy the darn thing your self...
plus.. i don't think your would be too happy w/ the INSURANCE BILL... it's best to wait till yer like older.. unless u get a job just to pay off the insurance.. or something.. but that means you'll have no free time (not like do anything) and you can't spend the money u get on other spiffy things...
So my Accord is FF.. well familie carz tend to be.. and yeah.. i'd kill for a FR but that's why i get one of them spoiled girls as my gf *snicker* freaking v8 mussle carz and wut not *droolz* damn i can't wait till she get that car... *shakes head* anyway.. a car is a car.. it get's you to point at to point b... and it's not like your REALLY going to use that extra 100 hp unless you wanna get a speeding ticket...
dayum this thing is too long
i'll stop now
later david!
dayum we need to hang out again...
i haven't seen you in hella dayz...
wanna set something up? maybe we can chill at MGL and i can see your Inital D card/car ^__^

Posted by Cinti @ 11/04/2002 11:42 AM PST

Wah..no bangs hanging down. It'll grow back soon he he. U look so cool that way senpai. =)

Wow. Honestly, I kinda hate the economy types too. The front wheel drives are alright, but I agree w/ u on the backwards acceleration. Its horrible. My dad thinks I should drive the Dodge old van someday. ^^; Heh, I dunno if I can handle a monster like that.

Posted by Hana @ 11/02/2002 11:07 PM PST

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