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11/04/2002 Archived Entry: "Art History's Cool ^_^"

Oh my gosh, I love my art history class. You know why? Because it's one of the easiest classes I've had in years. XD I'm serious! I took a test in it... I think it was last Thursday and I got it back today. What did I get? 92/100. Yes, I rule. And what makes it more impressive was that the only studying I did was going over names and associating them with titles. Yes, that's all. I spent maybe a total of thirty minutes at most "studying." Now doesn't that just make me even cooler? Yes, worship me! I BS goodly! XD

I'm still not used to the shorter hairness. I'm just going around and I'm all like, "where the heck is the hair? I don't see it in front of my eyes...." Mah... I want my hair back.... ;_; It's going to take months to get it that long again. I predict three to four. Gwar I say, gwar.... *shakes fist*

Recently, I've been trying to clean out my harddrive. Decided to finally burn a bunch of anime that I've been putting off. I've just been too lazy. It take a whole five minutes to burn a CD! OK... so that isn't such a big deal.... I'm just lazy, ok? I have to open Nero and drag stuff. Way too much work. ^_^ Anyway, I happened upon stuff I forgot I had. ^_^; At least I sorted through most of it. Now I have a whopping 2-3 GB on both my C and D drives. Out of how much space? 20 and 40 GB. ^_^; Well... I'm working on it! I need to clear out more space on my D drive cause I want to defrag tonight and for a nice, happy defrag, I'll need at least 15% of the drive free. Oh boy. I'm in for a time burning/finding stuff to delete.

Du bi du. My life is boring. Why the heck are you still reading this? Go do something interesting. ^_^

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short hair-ness...
jeff saidit's weally short
must see :D
anyway good luck on cleaing drive!

Posted by Cinti @ 11/06/2002 12:54 PM PST

Aww Short hair=O you looked cool with the bangs, well I haven't seen you since July, so it's kinda hard to picture you right now^^: but all i kow is that you looked great=D I'm sure you look cool now too, It'll grow back^__^

Posted by T-Chan @ 11/05/2002 06:50 PM PST

History is my best subject, too. Sorry about the er... hair factor. I'm sure you look better with short hair, long hair just gets in the way after all...

Posted by Steph @ 11/05/2002 04:32 PM PST

Er...Dats history not art...^^;

Wait till u get into REAL art. Not really easy stuff, trust me.

Posted by Hana @ 11/05/2002 02:15 PM PST

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