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11/06/2002 Archived Entry: "The Anime Network™"

Another mundane day in the life of the David. -_-

A notable is that I finally got my student ID card. You don't know how long I've been putting this off. Lets see... I started school on the 23rd of September.... 1, 2, 3... too many days. ^_^;; What I didn't expect going into the registration building, is that it really wouldn't take all that long. I just filled in this information form, got my picture taken, and bam! out comes my card. It's pretty spiffy too. There's this metal stuff on it and I know it's like one of those microchip thingies. You know... like in them new credit cards? Yah. What I don't like though is that I got this thing when my hair's abnormally short. It won't look like me most of the time. ^_^; Oh well....

After years of clamoring, anime fans will now have probably their one most vocal request: a 24-hour anime channel. Yes, you read right, ADV will be launching a new anime cable network. Entitled simply "The Anime Network™," it will bring the fans non-stop anime for their viewing enjoyment. If you want a bit more info, here's ADV's press release.

What do I have to say about this? Well... honestly, I'm surprised. I know it's a request often uttered by fans, but I never actually thought it would be happening. I guess anime has gone mainstream enough that it's actually a worthwhile venture for ADV. I remember the days when I had a hard time finding anime to buy and now it's going to be aired on TV? The youngin's have it so~ easy. But that's besides the point. I think this is a very big step for anime in America. With the launch of this network, anime will finally get the kind of exposure it deserves. Sure, Cartoon Network is showing anime, but their selection is rather limited. They don't seem to be willing to venture into very many genres. At least this network will cover a bit more ground. Knowing ADV, there's probably not going to be any hardcore shoujo stuff, but hey, it's still a step none-the-less. I applaude ADV. They've certainly become one of my favoriter anime companies in the last year or so. They do good work and have tons of good properties. They just need to work on releasing them faster. -_-;

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Heya! I surfed in here after a search for Shigure wallpaper, and you're talking about interesting stuff! Of course, I think this is great and important news, but I'm a little worried they'll only think dubs will attract an audience. I hope they will try to have at least some things shown in subtitled form. And yes, good shoujo stuff would be a plus. :) Have you ever been to Shoujocon, by chance?

Posted by Swanjun @ 11/07/2002 04:30 PM PST

Yupyup...it's certain good news to us otakus! Yeah I agree with how anime has gone so far in the past years...I remembered how in awe I was when Sailor Moon was first shown in NA about 5-6 years ago ^^;

But I wont be able to get that channel since I dont have Satellite! >_<

Posted by Sepia @ 11/07/2002 12:07 PM PST

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