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11/07/2002 Archived Entry: "Leaves Fall = Good"

Wow it rained today.

Driving home today was horrible. When I got onto the road, the rain got really hard. When I say "really hard," I mean really hard. On the freeway, not only was there loss of traction (as happens whenever it rains), but I had limited visibility too. Yes, as if driving at 55+ mph with less traction weren't scary enough, I had a hard time seeing too. It's scary I tell you. I know I was pretty scared. I'm just glad that I got out of there relatively quickly. I did that by taking the carpool lane. I know I'm not supposed to and I generally don't because I think it's wrong to take a carpool lane without a passenger and because I'm never in such a hurry, but I opted to take it today. I really wanted to get out of there quickly and that helped. Da....

Well... aside from that, today was actually rather pleasant. I can't say that I'm particuarily fond of rain, but I'm don't exactly dislike it either. Whenever it didn't rain, I happened to enjoy the falling leaves. Yes, today the leaves finally started falling. Well... honestly, I think they started a few days ago, but it wasn't prominent enough for me to notice. Today, it was particuarily noticable. I just find the falling leaves really pretty. I guess that's what I like most about fall. I'm just simple like that.

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wain wules

Posted by Cinti @ 11/09/2002 04:37 PM PST

Rain is goodly, and u know it! I love the rain! I played in it yesterday and embarrassed Eric, and I'd do it again if it were raining hard enough...

Posted by Shelly @ 11/08/2002 07:23 PM PST

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