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11/11/2002 Archived Entry: "Version 14"

Just Wingin' It version 14: "Canta per me"

It's about time I got up a new layout. No matter how sentimental the last layout was, it was horribly designed. I can't stress that enough. So I decided to get back to designing (I've been slacking recently) and put together something not horrible. ^_^ This is what I concocted.

As you can see, it is black and white. I wanted to give just black and white a shot because I've been meaning to for a while now. What I didn't realize is that designing in black and white is really fun. Colors don't really get in the way and so it simply boils down to designing skills to make the design look good... or not good. I got to try a few new things. Can you see them? I hope everyone likes it (i.e. leave comments ^_^).

Finally (last comment on the layout), IT'S KIRIKA! XD

Alright, so how's life? Pretty boring again. At least today I went out and spent some time with my cousin... who lives a block away. ^_^; Well... even though we live in close proximity, we never seem to do stuff together. Today he came over to borrow stuff and I convinced him to go to MGL. There, I got some practice at SCII, while he tried it for the first time. He was pretty good at SC, but he still has a ways to go to adjust to the SCII changes. I anticipate playing him on an even level someday (I utterly whooped him today).

Life is boring. Nothing ever happens now that I'm in college. ;_;

Social (yes, the return of social!):
Good luck with all your work imouto! Just a few more weeks to go before a sweet vacation. ^_^

I'll get that e-mail to you soon enough. Probably tomorrow or so.

First, plug.

Poor imouto.... *pat pat* Seems like you're going through hard times with school and all. I'm sorry I haven't said anything yet. I really should have sent you an e-mail, but I'm really lazy at writing those. ^_^; Well... good luck with everything, ok?

Parallel Dreams is back up, eh? I suppose that's a good thing. Well... except for those annoying IRL peoples.... Good luck with that too, ok?

Remember, I care for you.

New layout. Plug plug. Lookin' nice. ^_^

New layout too. Plug plug. Spiffy. I always like your layouts Maki. ^_^

Another plug plug. Man, Saka... it's official, you're one of my favorite designers, so there! =P Magnificent. ^_^

Heck, it might be older than the other ones, but I haven't plugged it yet, so here I go: plug. ^_^

Plug. An autumn layout. Very clean and attractive. I see your style developing nicely Vilya. ^_^

Plug. It's new, it's slightly different from your normal stuff. I like it. Although... I'm not sure what the photo's from. ^_^;

Replies: 5 comments

Kirika~ *heart* I love her; she so kicks ass. XD I really like the Noise effect you did on her; kinda makes for a slight film-noir feeling (pun! HAR!).

Aye! #^_^# One of your FAVORITE designers? You gotta get out more! I bite monkey butt! XDDD My layout'd be so much better if I had more drawing talent. :\ Mreh!

Posted by Saka @ 11/13/2002 02:29 PM PST

Waaa, I haven't kept in touch with you at all either!! *tackletackle* You look as if you've been busy! What a gorgeous layout, it blends so well ^^. I must plug you too! Plugu, plugu! I hope you're doing well! Ne, I'll see you around, bye! ^^

Posted by Maki @ 11/12/2002 09:39 PM PST

I love *your* black and white layout, Tsubasa! And the effects are just awesome. *hugs your layout to bits* I want to see Noir! Chu! >_> Let black and white layouts uniteee!! Kyaaa~~~!!

Hope you're doing OK with school ^_^ ~~ there are many stupid people in all my classes, i want to kill them all *fury*

Posted by Mizuki @ 11/12/2002 07:04 PM PST

onii-chan! *glomps* man, i feel like i haven't spoken to you in the longest time. o wait. i haven't. *falls over* i've missed you though!!! wish i coulda called you last month when i headed up to san jose. i was talking to my friend (the one i stayed with in san jose) and she told me the area code for her area and low and behold... it was the same as yours!!! WAIII!!! i coulda called you w/o using long distance and i didn't. ;_; so not fair...

thanks for being there for me and all... i know i've been such a bad imouto-chan too. >_< i've been meaning to finish my email to you, but with stress and college applications and failing physics and all, i've been putting it off. please forgive my... uh... procrastination. *clings* but yah... s'all good about not writing me. i have trouble writing nice emails too. xD i'll still be sure to drop by your blog and spam you to death like the good ol' days. ^_~ whatever happened to our spamming of each others' blogs, ne? hahaha... ah well, i'll try to get a comment box sometime so you can harass that. *lol* but um... yah... no worries! as long as we keep in touch, right? -^__^-

anyway, must be off. gotta start my UC apps. x_x;; hn... love the checkers on your new layout onii-chan! kinda reminds me of the ones i used for my old subaru layout. *hearts*

Posted by riku @ 11/12/2002 06:04 PM PST

NOIR! XD omg this is so nice=O~ Great Job there David * patpat*

Posted by T-Chan @ 11/11/2002 11:15 PM PST

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