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11/12/2002 Archived Entry: "Stupid Math"

Agh! Math... hard.... Must... study.... Must... do better.... Stupid differentiation.... X_X

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Good luck, Tsubasa~~!! *bows head*

Posted by Mizuki @ 11/13/2002 04:08 PM PST

Hey, I'm just dropping by to comment on the new layout...since I haven't before, sorry about that ^^;;;.. I love it! It looks very.. newspaper slash old black-and-white movie ^-^! Classy! I give it two thumbs up XD!
I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment. I feel better now for some reason *shrugs* I'm moody... except now I have a whole bunch of people to apologize to for bumming them out ^^;;;; Oh well, to wrap up.. good luck with your math studying ^^! You seem like the kind of person who wants to do well, so I know you'll succeed XD!

Posted by Lini @ 11/13/2002 04:08 PM PST

* pat..pat*^^''' go Davey Kun~

Posted by T-Chan @ 11/13/2002 02:41 PM PST

*takes out her pom poms and her cheerleading outfit* Gooo Tsu-kun!

Tsu-kun Tsu-kun
He's the Best
He can beat,
All the Rest!

*falls over* ^^;; Ok that was a little off.

Posted by Saga @ 11/12/2002 11:12 PM PST

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