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11/13/2002 Archived Entry: "Lemons!"

As many of you could tell from my last entry, math is getting to me. Stupid calculus! Stupid differentiation! Gwar! I'm not getting fabulous grades on my quizes and tests and I'm really worrying about my final grade. I don't want to get any bad grades just yet! I just started college! Agh! I'll put my nose to the grindstone and hopefully pull up my grade. I've actually been working harder recently. After this entry, I better get to my homework.... I'm doing "related rates" right now. Basically it's implicit differentiation in the form of word problems. x_x I hate word problems. What the heck is wrong with numbers? Why do they feel the need to use words? Darnit, math should be just numbers! Alright... maybe a variable or two..., but never full words! (Yes, I'm quite aware that math is meant to be used to solve real-life problems, i.e. ones involving words, but humor me, I'm annoyed here.)

Gag... aside from mathly happenings...

Lemons have started to grow again. w00t! The spiffy lemon tree in my backyard is sprouting them after a very long while of well... not... sprouting... them.... I'm happy. ^_^ Know why? Well, to me, lemons = lemonade. Yes, lemonade. XD I'm a big fan of lemonade. Favorite drink it is. It's especially good when it's fresh homemade stuff. Like the stuff my mom makes, like, on a daily basis when there're lemons growing on our lemon tree. XD Again, I reinterate, w00t!

Today I saw the most interesting thing on the road: a Hummer. Yes, not some whimpy SUV, a "High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle." After seeing unending poser SUVs, seeing a Hummer was quite exciting for me. You just don't see them often enough. Now that's an off-road vehicle. It even followed me on the freeway for a while, so I got to stare at it in my rear-view (but I still kept an eye on the road). ^_^ Now I wouldn't drive one (sports cars are more my speed), but if I wanted to do some off-roading, I'd sure want one. 190 hp, 430 lbs torque... 430! *drool*

Thanks everyone for the kind layout comments. They are much appreciated. ^_^

It's alright you didn't call me. Why don't you call me some other time? Do you have a cell with unlimited night and weekend, and free long distance? Or at the very least, access to one? ^_^

Yay! Riku's going to SPAM me again! Wait... is that such a good thing...? ^_^; Haha! Aa~... well I look forward to your own comment boxes. Must... SPAM.... XD

Good luck with your college apps. I know lots o' people are suffering from them. I guess you are too. Good luck, ok? *pat pat*

Yes, black and white layouts unite! *shakes fist* Join me! Grr... *shakes fist*

Thanks so much for the encouragement with school. Let me just wish you good luck yourself. From the fact that you wish to kill many of your classmates, I take it that school isn't very pleasant for you. Well... do what I do: ignore idiocy. It makes life a lot easier, let me tell you. Although, you do ignore a whole~ lot of people if you do so. ^_^;;

Yes, it's been far~ too long. I'll make it a point to comment more. ^_^

Well, darnit, I think your designing skill's really goodly, so there! I will proclaim you as one of my favorites if I so well choose! =P

Ooo~ Saga in a cheerleading outfit.... Cute! Hahahaha! OK... you can hit me now. ^_^

Heh... thanks for the encouragement. You're such a great imouto. Makes me feel kinda bad for not replying yet. ^_^;;;;;

Yay! New commentor! ^_^ Alright... so I commented on your log first, but it's nice seeing you do the same for me.

Glad I made you feel better. ^_^

Aa~... The Godfather, eh...?

Glad to hear that little incident concerning that one site and Anime-SkinsCOM got resolved. Eh... well... I wasn't exactly part of the effort, but I really intended to be. It just kinda slipped my mind as I was browsing through logs. ^_^;; Well... at least everything's good now.

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*looks @ the schtuff you left in her blog*



Posted by riku @ 11/16/2002 07:32 AM PST

nope, no cell. i'm a deprived high school senior. *falls over* but hey, if i ever DO get access to one (i.e. bug one of my friends to borrow theirs), i'll be sure to give you a call. ^_~ and thanks for the encouragement! after staying up till 4 in the morning last night just to do the stupid COUNSELOR REC things (my counselor had me fill out some crap before she'd write me the letter)... i think i'll need that extra oomf. xD *glomps*

oh yah... O_o; *afraid of your mad spamming skillz* hahaha...

Posted by riku @ 11/15/2002 01:49 PM PST

Wow, math IS getting to ya..:o Don't worry, word problems are hard on everyone. It's like they put them in there especially to confuse you and make you suffer..;-; Well, come to think of it, that's exactly why word problems were invented ^^; Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!

Wow, there are lemons growning in your back yard :P~~? I love lemons.. not lemonade though, for some reason I just like eating raw lemons.. something about that really really sour taste... ^-^

Posted by Lini @ 11/14/2002 04:56 PM PST

OMG sorry I didn't notice your layout just now!! Xd I feel bad, but I give u cookie! YAH!

About the math thing I know how u feel. I hate math analysis!! I can't even don't get differentiation period... Grrr...Physics is kicking my ass too.! X-

Yee! U got lemons! lemons! lemons! lemons! lemons!! Whoop, scuse me I'm on crack. I drink lemonade with my Vietnamese sandwich and just sit on the backyard patio outside and enjoy the sunset.(I rarely do this now) =P

Posted by Hana @ 11/14/2002 03:04 PM PST

hoy david you wanna go play pool on friday? well i'll call you later asking youbecaus ei don't think your home right now i'll try at about 5 and hope your not eating!

Posted by Nanona @ 11/14/2002 02:17 PM PST

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