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11/16/2002 Archived Entry: "Regionals ;_;"

Today was the SCII North Pacific Regionals, the qualifying events for the SCII National tournament. It took place at SVGL (Sunnyvale Golfland), which is a mere 20 minutes away from me. I have been training for this day for the last week or two. I didn't attend. ;_;

After working on improving my game, readying myself for today, a mere three days before the tourney, my friend e-mails me an invite to her birthday party. I'm not good with dates, so I don't remember most of my friends' birthdays. Because of this, I didn't even see it coming. Upon reading it, I was torn. Sure, I've been looking forward to regionals for weeks, but this was a friend's birthday. On one hand, I could go to regionals and have a guilty conscious, and on the other, I could go to the birthday and be completely disappointed. I chose the latter.

Sometimes I wish I were more selfish. This is one of those times. Sure, I went to the birthday and had fun, but right now I'm feeling utter disappointment because I couldn't even attend regionals. Sure, I'm nowhere near good enough to place, but I just wanted to participate. I've never really been a big part of any national gaming scene and I thought this was my big opportunity to participate in something big. I participated in the first "Monthly Bidness" tourney at SVGL a while back, but that was nothing compared to this. I wanted to play. I wanted to see how I could do against some of the best. I wanted to meet people. I just wanted to be there.

I know I can't blame my friend because it was her birthday, nor am I intending to. It was her birthday and I really did have fun. I'm just devestated because I was so~ looking forward to this. In keeping with my philosophy, I'm not going to regret my decision, but honestly, if I did allow myself to regret, this would be one big regret.

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so that's why u didn't go...
if it makes u feel better...
i desided not to go becasue of a freind also~
spent my time w/ her instead of going to SVGL...

Posted by Cinti @ 11/18/2002 12:07 PM PST

Aww..!! I guess I would have also gone to the birthday party, I understand how that can be a disappointment.. *hugs* Hey, there are those time, aren't there? I really hope things get better for you! I'll see you around then, take care~

Posted by Maki @ 11/17/2002 07:24 PM PST

gwar you didn't come to the tourney >_< (nor did jeff)

but then i would've done what you did if i were to be in your situation so that's ok :P

and yah, lets play sc2 sometime =p

Posted by darkyume @ 11/17/2002 05:08 PM PST

I think you did the right thing...:o I don't know, maybe it's just because I'm totally crushed after every single one of my friends told me they won't be able to be with me for my birthday.. but I think it's important to be there for your friends. As for the tournament.. there'll be more, right? And on the bright side, you have more time to train.

Posted by Lini @ 11/17/2002 03:26 PM PST

tournament?? hmm... when you have a tournament you want to go to and a friend's birthday.. it's so hard... i would choose neither or go to both, if possible.

Posted by mizuki @ 11/17/2002 11:11 AM PST

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