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11/22/2002 Archived Entry: "A Return to Samurai Spirits"

Eh... haven't been posting for a while, have I? ^_^;

With all the stuff happening to me, I'm sure you folks can understand why I haven't exactly been up to posting for a few days. Although it's not really bothering me much anymore, I guess it still kinda took a bit out of me.

What I've really noticed recently is my uncaring attitude. I mentioned this last post, but I think I've become a lot more apathetic lately. Lately being probably the last few months. Along with this apathy, comes realism and cynicism. For the better or for the worse, I have little semblance of a romantic left in me.

Calc has been on my mind too. Honestly, my teacher sucks like no other. She's horrible at explaining, makes test and quizes extremely difficult, and has a harsh grading scale. How worse could it possibly get? ;_;

*Thinks* Man, my posts have been really somber-sounding lately haven't they? Lets try to lighten the mood, shall we?

I picked up the Samurai Spirits manga Viz released a while ago a few days ago. I just popped by the comics store to buy a new card holder for my Ruri and Sakura cards and I happened to notice it. With Nako in it, how could I pass? ^_^ Well... having read through it, the story's not exactly a work of art... and the art itself isn't exactly the most handsome stuff I've seen... and Nako is a lot more aggressive than her usual subdued self.... Honestly, I can't say that it's good, but I suppose it's decent. I bought it for Nako, but even she couldn't save this mediocre manga. And that's saying a lot.

I've also recently started playing Samurai Spirits 2 again. I haven't played it in such a long time.... I suck now. -_- Since I generally don't see competition for SCII at MGL whenever I pop by, these days I hover over to the MVS and play some SS2. It'll be a while before I can get up to snuff, but I'll get there eventually. Nako and I will be invincible! *determination*

Eh... not much is happening and I'm still not feeling up to socialing, so I'll end this entry here.

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I know you're not asking for an opinion, but I'll give it anyway, as a friend, okay?

You say apathy is linked to realism and cynicism. I think you're wrong, because being a cynic, realist, and apatahy are all completely different.

Being cynical means you believe all people are motivated by their selfish needs. Thus, you are a pessimist, who sees the world in a very dim light and see no hope.

Being apatheic means you don't feel for anything at all; not happy, sad, angry. You're lacking all emotion and you're indifferent.

Being realistic is putting away what can't be explained with real experiences, such as romanticized ideals, religion, and theories.

I can't argue that you're feeling a bit apathetic right now, but not caring about what's going on does NOT mean you hate the world or you're finally seeing the world as it REALLY is.

People may see the world as a barren, harsh, cold world where no one really cares about you, but I see it as nice and cozy because I have a nice, warm house to live in with lots of stuffed animals and people I really like. My point being is that no one sees the world in exactly the same way, so there's really no one way the world is.

Before you claimed to be a realist. This doesn't necessarily mean realism is everything bad. Are you being realistic when you say that humans are harsh and selfish and mean? I'm sorry to say that that's not being realistic. That's being pessimistic. And they're not the same thing.

I'm done. Hate me if you want, but this is just my opinion.

Posted by Saka @ 11/23/2002 08:04 PM PST

You're not obliged to socialblog...so just take your time and relax ^^

Your Calc teacher sounds exactly like my Algeo teacher. She not only requires you to write down every little detail, and she doesn't give out part marks on the test! Hence the 50% I'm getting >_<

Well, I'm sure everything's gonna be alright! ^^

Posted by Sepia @ 11/23/2002 06:42 AM PST

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