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11/23/2002 Archived Entry: "Good Time After Such a Long Time"

I just came back from probably one of the best times I've had in a while.

I went out with a few friends to watch the new 007 movie. So yah, I got there and we were all like, "lets go buy tickets!" They sold out. So instead, we went around the mall for a while before we decided to go eat. It was decided that we would go to Outback Steak House.

While we were eating, we had such a fun time. Highlights:

I know I claim to be a agnostic, but now I've finally found my true calling. Instead of buying into this "organized religion" stuff, I've created my own religion! I call it "meatianity." If you might not be able to tell, meatianity is a religion devoted to meat. And I am the arch bishop. XD Yep, so you want some info on this amazing new religion? Well... here I am to give it to you. ^_^

1) Unlike some other religions, we only have two commandments: 1. Thou shall eat meat and 2. Thou shall not not eat meat. XD
2)When followers die, they will be sent to the big BBQ in the sky. There they shall be able to enjoy meat for the rest of eternity, free from anything that might possibly get in the way during life (such as health problems). XD

Eh... that's about as far as I've gotten. I might expand upon it more, but I really don't see a need. That's all your really need for this religion. So how can you join? Devote yourself to the eating of meat. Yes, eat meat and join us meatians! XD

After that funness, we went over to Vans Skatepark to watch the posers fall. That's so~ a great way to spend your time. XD Unfortunately, today there were little to no posers. I wanted a good laugh. ;_; Instead, I played some hockey of air (i.e. air hockey). I tell you, if my defense were better, I would rule at that game. I have such a knack for offense. I like scare people sometimes. ^_^;; But that doesn't do me a scrap of good if my opponent keeps on scoring. ;_; Yah, must get better....

Afterwards, we loitered. Loitering fun. Then I left.

Yah, even though I've condensed this and made it sound kinda nyeh, I really did have a good time. That's just what I needed after this week.

Oh, I don't feel obligated to social. It's just that I've wanted to for a few days, but I really wasn't in the mood. That's all.

I never exactly said that apathy, cynicism, and realism are connected, I just said that I am all three. Although, I can't really say that I'm really entirely all three at the same time, I said that because I believe that I am a little of each.

Cynicism: I'm extremely distrustful of human nature and motives. I suppose by dictionary definition, that would make me pessimistic.

Apathy: I'm probably most apathetic. I have an amazing lack of emotion at times. Not all times, but quite often.

Realistic: I don't like to view the world with romantic subjectivity. I also like to mock romantic ideals on the side.

I'm sure you can see that I'm more or less a little of each. I may not be any one of entirely, but I exhibit tendencies of all three.

Oh, and don't worry, I don't hate people quite so easily. ^_^

Yes, you will be getting an e-mail from me. *glares*

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I'm becoming a lacto-pollo vegetarian. Meat (red) is bad!

Posted by Christiana Bellatorre @ 11/26/2002 01:54 PM PST

yessers, yesterday was uber fun, glad to see you again=D * feels the back of your head* fuuzzzzyy XD


Posted by T-Chan @ 11/24/2002 09:58 PM PST


Posted by Cinti @ 11/24/2002 05:08 PM PST

^^;; *backs away from your evil glaring* hehehe... about my disappearing... i need a break from blogging, s'all. basically, school, grades, parents, and apps have all mushed together to become one big problem for me and i really don't have time to social or blog anymore. [plus, more and more people from school are finding that damn thing, so i figured i needed to uh... take temporary leave, so to speak. ^_~] anyway, i be waiting for that email? *hearts*

hn... i'm more offensive at air hockey than i am defensive too. in fact, i'm so un-defensive i usually end up scoring on myself. ^^;; keke... *falls over* viva los meat eaters!!! hip hip hurrah!!! >3

Posted by riku @ 11/24/2002 10:23 AM PST

I'm glad you had fun ^^! Lol.. metianity ^o^! I like it! Meat rules XD. Don't you ever feel quilty for eating it though x.o? I know I do sometimes.. argh, but it's just so good, I'd NEVER give it up *-*!

Posted by Lini @ 11/24/2002 06:57 AM PST

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