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11/26/2002 Archived Entry: "People's Court!? XD"

Today my philosophy class was so~ interesting. XD First, we went over stuff pertaining to our final project (which happens to be a research paper by the way ;_;). After that, we moved onto a portion of class where we examined arguments and picked out things like thesis, premisses, emotive words, and all that crap. My teacher said that legal cases are good things to examine for these things. Then he went ahead and showed us a tape of a People's Court broadcast, so that we could practice dissecting an argument. But this was no ordinary People's Court broadcast, this was one featuring a case involving my teacher. Yes, he showed us a tape of him in People's Court. ^_^ That was great. Apparently back in the day, when he was still in college, he and a roommate had rented an appartment. The rent to this appartment was $1200. They decided to have another roommate take up a spare room. He would pay $500 and have no utility charges. Apparently, one holiday, when the two original roommates were out, they left an envelope for the third, subtenent to give to the landlord. This envelope contained the $1200 rent for one month. The subtenent opened it to, curious as to what the cost of the total appartment was as he was never informed. The guy got disgruntled, decided to move out, racked up $166 worth of long distance telephone charges, and happend to "accidently" break a $200 chair and throw it out. Needless to say, my teacher took him to court. He was asking for $366 to cover the cost of the chair and the long distance bill (I guess that utilities cost only covered basic utilities). It was so funny watching him up there. ^_^ It's all, like, you never expect to see anyone you know on them types of programs and here my teacher was all, like, on that type of program. XD Everyone got such~ a kick out of that. I know I did. ^_^ In the end, he won the case and got his $366.

Now two things I have to say:
-I don't see how that chair was worth $200. My teacher showed all of us one of those chair display sheets from a furniture catalog and I gotta say, that didn't look like it was worth $200. I'd say more $60 or so.
-My teacher informed me that when you appear on People's Court, they give you $500. Alright... so this guy has to pay my teacher $366? Wouldn't he just take that out of the $500 he just made? There's no real loss for him. Heck, he made money on the deal. Is it just me or is that wrong?

Aside, I've picked up Great Teacher Onizuka tankoubans 1-4. I picked up #1 yesterday and I got so~ into it I had to pick up more today. Let me tell you, this is one great series. Onizuka's like one of my heroes now. He's just so great. Must pick up more soon....

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david do something to me that cost about 21 dollars in damage..
then we'll go to the peoples court XD

Posted by cinti @ 11/27/2002 08:08 PM PST

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