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11/27/2002 Archived Entry: "Guava Juice! XD"

Let me just say that guava juice is quite goodly. XD

Man, I was so~ not feeling like going to my classes today. But I went anyway. -_- Well... it's the last day before Thanksgiving vacation! But at least I got through them classes and now I am enjoying my nice little vacation. Should I really call it a "vacation?" It's pretty much an extended weekend. Well... at least I get to miss out on two days worth of school. It's not much, but it's something. ^_^

The sister's out on Thanksgiving vacation too. She's back home now. She agrees with me that the whole computer in the living room thing is really strange and not goodly. We watched some of the extended Lord of the Rings she bought. She got sleepy. We stopped watching. ^_^;; We'll watch the rest tomorrow.

Darn, I need some excitement in my life. Such mundane happenings. Doesn't make for very good reading, does it? ^_^;;;;;

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Comment link!! =P~

More excitement = by playing Truth or Dare [run around the neighbor and scream your arses off XD]

Posted by Mizuki @ 11/28/2002 03:48 PM PST

happy turkey day. :3

and go check mizuki's comment box... *tehehe*

Posted by riku @ 11/28/2002 09:23 AM PST

GUAVA JUICE!! omg i love that stuff XD

Ooh LOTR! LEGOLAS!!!!!!!!! XD

Happy Turkey day Davey-kun ^_^

Posted by T-Chan @ 11/27/2002 10:22 PM PST

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