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11/29/2002 Archived Entry: "Where's My Holiday Cheer?"

I gots lots o' food yesterday. Lots o' meat! XD Yes, I got quite a bit of turkey-type meat. Mmm~.... Turkey's good.... Kinda dry, but good for a while. Unfortunately, I get tired of it much faster than other meats, so I didn't get to eat quite as much on the one day I'm supposed to eat a lot more than usual. ;_; Bah!

Today I spent most of the day studying. At least I got a lot done. Woo...?

I did pop out this morning to do some shopping for the sister. She took a extended leave for her job because of schooling, but since she's back on the busiest shopping day of the year, I suppose they needed a pinch-hitter or, as I would imagine, quite a few. Anyway, because she had to begin work at 7:00 AM, she asked me to go out to Old Navy at opening time (8:00 AM) and get her some "nubby" hats, scarves, and gloves for her and as presents. I was kinda nyeh, but I went. She would be so tired after work, I'd feel really bad if I made her go. Yah, I suppose I'm a pushover. -_- When I got up, I was all like: "what time is it...?" It was something like 7:45. ^_^;;; So I dressed and got out there. I actually arrived there around 8:00, maybe a minute or two before. I was amazed that there was actually a really reasonable amount of people there. I was expecting much more. Later in the day, I heard horror stories about crowds at Fry's Electronics and Mervyn's at opening time, so I'm glad I got off so easily at Old Navy. ^_^

Earlier, I went out to dinner. There's some family from So Cal visiting for Thanksgiving and my grandpa's birthday tomorrow, so we went to eat. On the way home, we were driving behind such an obviously drunk driver. You should have seen this guy. He was all noticably moving back and forth in the lane. Sometimes I see cars that sway back and forth a little and I can't really tell if they're drunk or if the power steering's too sensitive, but this was really obvious. When he went to make a left turn, he went all the way past the turn lane and into the other lane! Not only that, but the light for the cars to turn into that lane just turned green! So a car came right up to this guy and he had to back up and get back in to the turn lane. My mom left him some space, so he got back in, but he went a little too far and he went past the turn lane on the other side. It just so happened that cars were coming in that lane too. -_- Yes, it was pretty sad. I say, if you're that drunk, you're just asking to get pulled over. Don't drink and drive folks. Don't drink and drive.

You know... we're entering the holiday season now. I just realized that this morning when I turned into my normal "listening in the car when I have no CDs to listen to" station: 96.5 (KOIT: light rock, less talk). They were running a holiday song marathon thing. Now in previous years, I would be all like: "aa~... holiday songs. They make me feel all warm and happy inside!" This year it was more like: "stupid holiday cheer. I'm not in the mood." *changes station to 92.3 (rock). I just find it so interesting how my reaction this year is so different from other years. I wonder if the holiday spirit will sink in at all this year. Every other year it did. But this year.... I'll just have to wait and see....

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hi- just came across your mad mad page....i wish i was in america right now....

Posted by cat @ 11/30/2002 08:34 PM PST

*pissed* PLEASE STOP WITH YOUR ARGUMENTS!!! You arguing about nothing and it's getting nowhere.

Bah, humbug. I did not get a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house because my mom didn't tell me she was leaving to my Grandma's house >_>... I missed out on the turkey (ooh.. you poor creature ;_;), a family gathering and having low self-esteem whenever I am at my Grandma's house. (I was happy not to feel that low self-esteem. ^^=)

Posted by Mizuki @ 11/30/2002 06:23 PM PST

I don't know why I'm posting this but oh well. I'm surprised you're a guy. I thought you were a girl. I'm shocked that you're in college. I guess AP English is good for me (I'm a Junior in HS - 16; also a guy). Yep. Age & gender have absolutely nothing to do with intelligence.

Posted by Farrakhan @ 11/30/2002 12:27 PM PST

“Let me just pointed out one sentence from my past passage: "Of course, I know you're not calling her racist or anything." Please make sure you understand my entire discourse before arguing against it. As for "contradicting" myself, I don't believe so. I can argue that the swastika just happened to appear in an image that she happened to use. Because of this, there is no negative conotation by her part. Now had she actually drawn the swastika herself, then that would have been reason to argue that it was possibly a racist layout, but as it is, just because it is on some girl's shirt, that doesn't give me ample evidence to say that Mizuki is possibly racist. That would be a hasty conclusion my friend.”

I do believe, if I might add ever so sarcastically, that thou shall consult thy nearest dictionary so that thou may gain a thorough understanding of the defined meaning of what is known as a connotation. According to the Random House Collegiate Dictionary, a connotation, that’s spelled c-o-n-n-o-t-a-t-i-o-n, is the associated or secondary meaning of a word or expression. Note that it was stated that a connotation is used to express the implication of a word and not an idea.

As we dissect your most recent “discourse” we notice that you imply to not having contradicted yourself although it was evidently mentioned that I, in fact, was implying Mizuki be racist. However, towards the end of what I perceive to be your “meaningless babble,” (the connotation of the word ‘babble’ certainly does distinguish itself well from what you might like to refer to as ‘discourse’) it was visible that you attempted to indicate your knowledge of my not implying anything of the sort by stating, “Of course, I know you're not calling her racist or anything.”

And further more, if I might ask… what is meant by “anything?” Do you wish to indicate that I do not call her anything… at all? Despite the fact that you clearly declare, to begin with, that I “say that Mizuki is racist?” Because if that is the matter, since I would assume you are aware of what it is you write, I would certainly indisputably trust, in all assumption that you are capable of logical thinking, that your intentions were to surround yourself within the walls of contradiction.

Digging deeper into the matter, your stating that if “she had actually drawn the swastika herself, then that would have been reason to argue that it was possibly a racist layout,” is an even further contradiction, for it implies that, had she drawn the Swastika herself, her layout could “possibly” be a racist one, “possibly” implying that Mizuki is a racist, since having actually drawn the Swastika herself, would have been reason for me to argue my point, which according to you, was that Mizuki is a racist. Then again, I fail to remember what the point of your “discourse” actually was.

Lastly, I will add, that in web design these days, one expresses themselves, and their views, dispositions, and personality, in a general sense, through their designs since, after all, they are not forced to do so. Because design is a form of expression, it implicates all those things that I’ve just listed. And when there is the possibility of a misconception because of intentions that might have been non-existent, I do not understand how it can be wrong that a friend can make the other aware of this possibly unintended notion which might well be responsible for such a misconception.

However that advice is perceived afterwards, is dependent upon the creator’s true understanding of that friend’s advice, but also upon the tone of the method of communication used to present it.

So in the end, all I was trying to do was to help. I therefore seriously suggest, you take some English courses, with which you can improve on, and attempt to develop your skills in comprehension. And never forget that when you are ready to become technical, and you can perceive that however you might like to, that you’d better be damn sure you know what the hell it is you’re talking about.

With that said, I hope you have a nice day, and reflect on what I just said. Because not every criticism is something to be disregarded. And in this case, if I were you, I’d treasure it.

Posted by Farrakhan @ 11/30/2002 12:22 PM PST

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