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12/04/2002 Archived Entry: "It's Cold!"

I'M COLD!!! *shivers* Darnit, it's not supposed to be this cold! Sure, it's winter and all that crap, but that isn't an excuse! ^_^ But seriously, I think tonight's the coldest it has been in my recent memory. Usually I can be found at the computer with a blanket draped around my legs, but today, I'm here with a blanket draped around my legs and a jacket on. A "not quite so fuzzy because its been in the wash one too many times, but is still pretty darn warm" jacket. I know some of you might call me a wimp or something because it really isn't that cold relatively, but still, I'm not used to extreme colds, so this is darn cold enough for me. I'm accustomed to nice Mediterranean weather, darnit! I don't want to work in these conditions.... I still have my research paper to finish. ;_; Darn research paper! Darn stupid political correctness, which is the topic of the paper! Gwar!

Man, I hear about the new digisubs anymore. -_- I suppose it's cause I haven't been hardcore downloading anytime recently. Today I found out that Sister Princess RePure (the second Sispre series) has already been released all the way up to episode 8! Yes, I'm so~ behind! Stupid peoples in DC without open slots don't help either. ;_; I've only gotten one episode the entire day! I should be able to get more on DSL! ;_;

Oh, on the subject of Sispre RePure, if any of you haven't heard, yes, it's a new Sispre series. This series consists of 13 episodes. Each episode is divided into two portions. The first half is a self-contained story focusing on one girl. The second half is an animated version of the Sispre character novels for one of the girls. Anyone expecting a continuation of the story from the last series is in for a disappointment. Whereas the first series was a completely original story, this series covers stories from the game and character novels. Essentially, it's a completely different universe. As for the look, after seeing the first episode, it appears that the character designs are essentially the same, but there is just more detailed artwork throughout. It looks better than the first series, let me tell you that. Although, that's not really saying much. ^_^;; I'm expecting good things. Me needs to see the Mamoru and Rinrin episodes. ^_^

Me gots an interesting letter in the mail today. Apparently Ameritech DSL, Southwestern Bell DSL, Pacific Bell DSL, Nevada Bell DSL, SNET DSL, and Prodigy DSL are all being combined under the collective name "SBC Yahoo! DSL." Apparently all those above DSL services were actually being provided by SBC, so I suppose they want to collect everything under one neat umbrella. I'm gonna have to upgrade to the SBC Yahoo! service (I had Pacbell DSL). Apparently I get some new benefits, but none of them seem extremely worthwhile, so it's basically gonna be nothing special. I'll do it tomorrow or so.

Darn Washington Mutual! Register my freakin' deposit already! I wants to order stuff online! *shakes fist*

Research paper, research paper.... ;_;

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^^ Me like the new series. *hugs* So sorry I haven't replied the e-mail!! x_x;;; I will after finals! And Tsu-kun will do well on his research paper too!

Posted by saga @ 12/07/2002 09:42 AM PST

nyah~ it's always super cold here.. ;_; it's so cold that I can't even wear my skirt to school! ^^;;

Posted by meia @ 12/07/2002 09:23 AM PST

it is cold...
but then again.. when i'm on the computer and it's cold i just go in my bed XD.. then i get neck pains cuzz i r looking at the compie screen

Posted by cinti @ 12/05/2002 06:46 PM PST

Holy Gakku! It is getting cold.. I've been getting goosebumps so often >_>....

Posted by Mizuki @ 12/05/2002 05:52 PM PST

Hey there!! It's SNOWING over here..XD! ..5 to 8 inches it's supposed to be.. so far it's only three though ^^; It's all good. I had the greatest snowball fight after school too XD!!! I luv snow..^-^!

Posted by Lini @ 12/05/2002 04:28 PM PST



Posted by dandan @ 12/04/2002 09:46 PM PST

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