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12/07/2002 Archived Entry: "Noam Chompsky Rulz! XD"

I be entering finals week this week. X_x

Needless to say, I'm not exactly viewing this with anticipation. On the bright side, I'm pretty much guaranteed an A in two of my classes and I don't have to go to school on Wednesday. On the dark(?) side, I have a calc final. ;_; It's really the only final I have to study for. At the very least, it's on Friday, so I have a whole week to prepare. I have been trying to study all day. I've gotten some stuff done, but I've also slacked off a bit too much too. *cough* Doo bee doo.... ^_^;;

This week, in my philosophy class, we watched two videos. The first one was about advertising and such. Not too exciting. The second one though, was. It was a video about the great intellectual of our time: Noam Chompsky (I think that's a cool name ^_^) and how he sees the media. Apparently, he sees the entire United States media outlets in cahoots with the government to spread propaganda. I won't go into much detail, he says that before news reaches us, it goes through several filters, so what we eventually see is only what the government wants us to see. You know, I never thought of the media like that before, but you know what? That's so right! I can't believe that no one else saw it before! Since most all media is controled by several large corporations, they are bent to the will of advertisers, are reliant on information given to them by the government/businesses, and are given flak about "inappropriate" material. Are we really getting "news" by the time we see it on our televisions? Aside from this propaganda model, the video also went on to describe more of Chompsky's ideas. Man, this guy's a friggin' genius! I am so picking up his books someday. He may make some outragous claims--such as how he thinks televised sports are all really a big ploy by the government to make people think less--but I like him. He makes you think and he's not afraid to say what he thinks. He's defininately one guy I look up to.

Oh yah, on the subject of philosophy, about that research paper, I finished it. ^_^ Well... that's a given because I don't like to forget about 200 point assignments, but you know what's cool? Well... kinda cool... and sad at the same time. ^_^; I finished it in two days. ^_^ Yes, I honestly only really worked on it the day it was due and the day before. I'm proud of my mad procrastinating and BSing skills, yo! XD It doesn't even matter if I don't do well. As long as I get half credit, I'm fine. I have enough points in the class to cover a loss of maybe a hundred points. Yes, I'm that good. XD

I just noticed how it's already the 7th of December. My, how does the time fly? Christmas is nearing. Wonder how my Christmas will be this year. I'm still not feeling the holiday cheer yet. Is it just me or is there less holiday cheeriness going around this year? Where's the "you're not really happy, but because it's a 'special' time of year, you will be 'happy'" feeling? Bah!

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Sispre RePure rulz! XD I've gone through seven episodes and let me tell you, I'm so~ enjoying it. Especially episode 6: both Mamoru and Rinrin! XD XD XD It's all like too much cute girliness. XD Wait... there can never be too much cute girliness. XD XD XD I love Rinrin's story. It's so sweet! XD XD XD XD XD *watches as episode 8 downloads* Go faster, darnit!

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Good luck for finals! O_o;

btw... if nobody has joined your fruits basket crew as Hanajima Saki? She's my fav. character o_O and I thought it was filled but now that I look at the list, it isn't?

Posted by Steph @ 12/08/2002 06:54 PM PST

No fair! you get to have cool classes like philosophy XO! me want ;-;! Anyway, good luck on your calc final :p. Go get 'em ^^!
One more thing, I think the reason you're not feeling the holiday cheer is because you guys haven't had any SNOW yet XD!!!! Nothing like lots and lots of snow to force you to feel happy and warm inside ^-^!

Posted by Lini @ 12/08/2002 07:16 AM PST

I'm not in a Christmas cheer or anticipation too

Posted by Anthony @ 12/08/2002 12:20 AM PST

..wait a minute.. what happened to the whole ' your dad making you choose over the internet or anime thing?"

Posted by T-Chan @ 12/07/2002 09:37 PM PST

It's definitely not just you. I have absolutely no Christmas cheer or anticipation. Personally, I'll just be glad for this year to be over... x_x

BUT, griping was not the point of my comment spamming!
The point was to wish you much good fortune on your finals!
I'm sure you'll do wonderfully, and am looking forward to hearing your good report on it. ^^

Posted by Vilya @ 12/07/2002 07:10 PM PST

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