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12/11/2002 Archived Entry: "Youngin's these Days...."

Today I got a horrible break from the finals I love so~ much. *cough* Didn't have one scheduled for today, so yah.... Spent most of my day studying calc. -_- Even when I don't have class, calc's haunting me! -_-

Did pop out for a while though. Wents by MGL for a little bit and played SCII for a while. Then I headed over to my friend Nanona's house to hopefully meet up with him after he got out of school. Unfortunately for me, he apparently decided to do something else because he wasn't there when I got there. -_- Instead, I happened to be greeted by the young sister. I came in and waited for Nanona and chatted with the sister I know, but not too well. It was actually quite a fun chat. We were all talking about a bunch of stuff. How people at her junior high school are all melodramatic, how I don't understand women things, and how there was a electronic riding horse head on a stick for sale in an open advertisement. ^_^ About the drama, wow... I had no idea that junior high kids were so... messed up these days. She was all telling me about how a few kids were talking about committing suicide and how it seems that self-mutilation via cutting oneself seems to be popular amongst the young population (at least at her school). You know what I have to say about that? I think these kids are idiots, morons, stupid people, etc. What's up with getting all melodramatic at the age of 13 or possibly younger? Do you possibly think that your "problems" actually matter when you measure them up to real problems? Bah! Youngin's these days are idiots I tell you. Can't seem to take a few minor troubles; instead, blowing them entirely out of proportion. Back in my day.... *smacks self* Alright, I needed that. Suppose that kinda turned into a rant, didn't it? ^_^;; Anyway, onto other things, we also looked through her issue of YM. I don't make it a common practice to look through young girl (i.e. teeny bopper) magazines, so I didn't know what I was in for. What I found was more babbling about "problems," tips about how one can "beautify" herself to be more readily acceptable in modern-day society, and ads dictating what is considered "beautiful" in modern-day society. I suppose I had that coming. What did I really expect? A treatise about politics? An essay about world-issues? Something pertinent? Hahahaha! Alright, I gotta admit, it's kinda fun reading them things, if only to laugh. ^_^ She made me take a test in there. It was a stress test. "Are You Stressed" or something. Apparently I don't stress much. Well... I could have told that without a magazine. Oh well.... All in all, a fun visit. Quality time spent with someone cool I haven't really spent time with before. In the end, Nanona didn't return home for maybe two hours, and by that time I thought I had to get home to study more, so I left.

Now here I am... more or less finished studying for the day. Now I have to consider what classes I'll sign up for next quarter. After another episode of Samurai Deeper Kyo.... ^_^

Big announcement:
WELCOME STEPH TO TSUNU!!! *throws confetti*
Yes, new hostee, Steph of Issho Ni. Her former host, Kitsu of Fura-FuraNET is apparently switching domains and won't be able to host her, so I made an offer to host her, and she accepted. Thus, I now have a grand total of 2 hostees (the other being Hana). ^_^; I know I've said this... what...? Three times already? But welcome and enjoy your stay. ^_^

Danny's back and junk. Welcome back. I was wondering when you'd post again. ^_^;;;

Good job on that socio grade. Good luck with the other classes.

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wooohoo! Thanks again. XD

Posted by Steph @ 12/13/2002 12:39 AM PST

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