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12/12/2002 Archived Entry: "Me Want Priestess ;_;"

Finals Day 2: ICS5: Multicultural American Art History Final

How was my final today? Rather peachy yet again. This week is going amazingly good so far. Of course, I never really expected much trouble with my first two finals anyway. So yes, about this final, we were given two hours for it. I finished this one in 35-40 minutes. ^_^ Yes, I topped my amazing 45 minutes from Tuesday. That's probably because this test required a whole lot less thinking. It was essentially regurgitation of useless facts. I paid attention in class, so I basically winged it. Not worrying much about it because I know I got the vast majority right. Oh, and like philosophy, I also got back my research paper I did a little while back after I turned in my final. This one was assembled in... maybe five hours, but there was plenty of slacking off in there. Again, a C grade paper in my opinon. What did I get? A. ^_^; Again, I attribute this to my unusually high standards for myself. The only person I consistently seem to disappoint is myself. I've learned to accept it though because I generally produce what I consider my crap work when I'm not really trying. But back to the subject, I'm not worrying about my grade for this class either. Not when I've been getting A's on literally everything. It wasn't such a bad class, but it was kinda boring at times and having it as my first class of the day was rather trying sometimes. Never did actually fall asleep, but almost did a few times. Next time I'll take a real art course. You happy Hana?

Getting out so early, I headed over to my friend Cinti's house. There, I watched him play RO and scared him using bad puns and unusual language. XD Haha, that's always fun to do. Watching him play, I kinda got the desire to play again. Unfortunately, it has moved into the closed beta stage and I didn't shell out the $10 a month to be a tester. I want a cute priestess! ;_; I miss my cute aco. ;_; Darnit all! ;_;

Now, I'm essentially looking over my math stuffs for my calc final tomorrow. I be scared. I don't think I'll do well. ;_; I suppose I'll just go in there and try my best. *determination* Time to look over my stuffs a bit more. Wish me luck tomorrow folks.

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GOOD LUCK DAVE-KUN!!! :D I'm sure Calc will be a breeze too :)

Posted by Sepia @ 12/13/2002 07:24 PM PST

hehe, sounds like you're pretty smart to me... O_o
Good luck with that maths test tomorrow btw... maths is icky, and was my worst subject, next to software design.

Posted by Steph @ 12/13/2002 06:48 PM PST

Wow, it sounds like you have it pretty easy in all your subjects except calc. Good luck :o Study hard ^^!

Posted by Lini @ 12/13/2002 09:45 AM PST


Posted by riku @ 12/12/2002 08:14 PM PST

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