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12/13/2002 Archived Entry: "BIONICLE!!!"

Finals Day 3: Math 1A: Calculus Final

Agh! Me no feel good about my math final. ;_; Sure, I studied and all that stuff. It's just that my teacher seems to love torturing her students with the hardest/crappiest problems that she can think of. -_- Sure, you can learn the procedure all you want, but on the tests and especially quizes, she gives you such problems that'll still leave you wondering. Well... I tried my best and that's all I could ever ask for, so I'm not exactly feeling bad. Now that I'm done with the class, it's time to reflect. How was the class? Horrible. When your teacher doesn't explain adequately, gives you horrible problems on tests and quizes, and happens to like making the total points on tests 60 points, so that every single point matters, I don't think you could possibly like the class, even if you're getting a good grade. In my case, I probably didn't. I'm getting the feeling that I got a D. That means that I'll have to retake the class. ;_; How discouraging for my first quarter in college.

Needless to say, after the final, I got out of that classroom. Bad memories. Off I went to my friend Nanona's to pick up my Game Boy Advance. Yes, I got a GBA. ^_^ I'm so happy. I got Golden Sun and Zelda to play on it too. I'm going to be one happy camper this vacation. Oh, some of you might wonder why I had to go to Nanona's house to get it. That's because I ordered it online and sent it to his house. Why? Because of the last incident with my dad, I don't want him to find out about my purchases any longer. Nanona kindly allows me to send items I've purchased online to his house. So yes, I got a spiffy spice (orange) GBA to match my spice Gamecube. I already decided on a name. With my GC being "Tsubaki," I decided to name my GBA "Tsubomi." "Tsubomi" = flower bud. I figure that's a cute name for the small GBA. Besides, with the color scheme matching my GC, I thought a similar name would be cute. ^_^ Anyway, after getting my spiffy GBA, we went out and did stuff with some other peoples. We popped by the Great Mall and I picked up the third volume of I My Me! Strawberry-eggs. I'll watch that in a little.

So now that I have all my finals out of the way, I have vacation. VACATION!!! XD XD XD I'm going to have much funness... slacking off. ^_^;; Eh... I don't really have much planned. I'll just lounge around, try to do stuff with friends, and play my GBA. Yep, thus is my life. It's not really exciting, but hey, I think it's alright. Could be much worse. Oh, my sister's school schedule is just like mine, so she had her last final today too, so she came home for the holidays too. I'll probably be spending much of my time goofing off with her because, well, we're so much alike we compliment each other too well. That's what happens when you're living with someone for eighteen years (and get along with her). Oh, she gave me part of my Christmas present early! It's this LEGO Bionicle thing. It's the one in the green case with the two short swords. I tell you, this thing is so~ made for me! It's in a green case and, when assembled, it's wielding two short swords (which would be my ideal weapon setup). I'm having so much fun with it! It's all assembled and I'm all playing with the moving arms and the fun changable parts. I especially like the little black ball thingies I replace the limbs with so it looks like a war casualty. You know... like them peoples who lose an arm or leg and have a stub left? Yeah, like that. ^_^ I really shouldn't be having so much fun with this thing, but I can't help it. I'm simple like that. ^_^;

Eh... this all for now. But before I go, thanks everyone who wished me luck with my final. I suppose I kinda didn't live up to your expectations, but I tried my best. Thank you very much.

Correction about yesterday's post:
RO's not $10 a month. It's $10 for the entire test period. Oopsie.

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Bah, evil teachers are.. well... evil! XP
But you certainly have nothing to feel bad about if you gave it your all. Giving your best effort is, as you say, all anyone can ask of you. Besides, I'm sure it's not nearly as bad as you think. ^__^

And yay for GBA's and vacations! An awesome combo, if I do say so myself. I'd tell you to enjoy, but I believe that would be quite unnecessary. :D

And on a more random note, I had no idea you played RO, Tsubasa-kun! That is awesome! Maybe when I register again, I'll see you sometime. ^^

Posted by Adranaym @ 12/15/2002 07:42 PM PST

Nah...have confidence in yourself! (but on the other hand, I have no confidence in my math subjects either -_-;) I'm sure you did fine! I know what you're talking abiut though. No matter how you study your bum off and you think you know all the concepts, the test questions are always so darn confusing ::sigh::

Now go have funnnn on your vacation! XD

Posted by Sepia @ 12/15/2002 08:10 AM PST

ditto the people below. ^^;; and uh... yes... when i have time i shall write a nice long email to you. i owe you one... especially after you left that comforting msg in my thing. x3 sankyuu~

Posted by riku @ 12/14/2002 11:15 PM PST

LoL XD Tsubomi! I've never heard of a GBA being named Tsubomi before... But waiiii!! Such a cute name! And an orange GBA to add on to that XD

My English teacher was doing a err... movement -- this is how she defined THRUST to the class *shivers at the thought* No more thrust.. dear goodness, no.. *is not making sense right now* @_@

Posted by Mizuki @ 12/14/2002 07:53 PM PST

nice name for your GBA have fun on Zelda and Golden sun....... see ya

Posted by anthony @ 12/14/2002 04:38 PM PST

wah. Like what Lini said, I'm sure you didn't do as bad as you thought x_x;; *hugs*

Posted by saga @ 12/14/2002 10:32 AM PST

Hi hi ^^! You should be happy ^^!! After all, now you get days off XD!! Besides, I'm sure when you get your grades back, it probbaly wouldn't be as bad as you thought, like that paper :P
..no fair ;-; My vacation doesn't start for a week XO! And I still have Christmas shopping to do..x.x I hate christmas shopping.. of course, it all pays off when you're done with it all ^^!

Posted by Lini @ 12/14/2002 06:59 AM PST

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